Follow the Tips To Become a Bank Officer

the tips to become a bank officer

In recent days, most of the people try to get into the government job and they prepare bank exams highly. There is a steady increase in the number of candidates who apply for bank jobs every year. On the other hand, the number of vacancies in the banking sector is also not so high. So the ratio between the numbers of people tries for the job and number of vacancy is highly huge. So when a candidate needs to clear the exam it is definitely necessary to follow some steps and work hard to get into their dream job and to achieve their goal.

Overview of the bank exams

Generally, the bank will conduct its recruitment for the post of clerk and PO for different banks. The candidate needs to apply for the exam and appear for the exam through online mode. The recruitment will have three phases, prelims, main and the interview in case of Po and two phases, prelims and mains in case of the clerk.

Besides clerk and PO, there is also recruitment for the Specialist Officer and they are limited with people with certain graduation like MBS, Agri, BE- IT, ECE and CSE. Eligible candidates may also apply and prepare for those posting as well. The questions will be based on the core subjects and it is required to have intense preparation for the exam.

Preliminary exam

This is the initial phase and the screening level of the exam. It generally consists of three sections of objective questions. The candidates need to answer 100 questions in 60 minutes. For every wrong answer, there will be negative marks of 0.25 taken as a penalty. So the candidates need to prepare accordingly.

Mains exam

The mains exam is the second stage of the recruitment process. The candidates who qualify the preliminary stage will be sent to the main stage. The candidates need to answer both the objective and the descriptive type of questions that consists of five sections. Like prelims, the mains exam also has the negative marks of 0.25 marks for every wrong answer.


The interview is the final process in the recruitment process and the candidates will need to appear for the interview with appropriate knowledge in the banking sector. Marks will be allotted for each question and finally based on the cut off marks in the mains exam and the interview the candidates will be shortlisted for various job vacancies.

 Tips to prepare for the exam

Since the exam is highly competitive you need to have certain measures to complete them successfully. Here are some tips that help in the preparation of the bank exam.

the tips to become a bank officer

By heart some of the most important math areas

Even though math is not the area to memorize but there are some areas to memorize like the multiplication table, square roots, cube roots, and certain formulas. It is very much important to memorize at least the table till 20 x 20 only then you may save time in the calculation and concentrate on the other questions.

Learn short cuts

It is very much necessary to manage time in the bank exam so the calculation should be perfect and accurate. Just remember you are not going to get any step marks in the bank exam everything depends on the final answer that you derive so concentrate on various techniques that you may have. the experts will know a number of short cuts and with the help of them, the answers can be easily derived just looking at the question for a few seconds.

Have previous year question papers

For any exams, it is important to have an idea regarding the exam and for that one best option is working with the previous year question papers. This practice will help to know where you actually stand and the area of strength and weakness. Also, some times the current year question will follow the same model of any of the previous year question paper. The changes will be like change in numbers or some other slight changes. On the whole, you will not have any toughness in writing the exam.

Do not concentrate only on the prelims exam

One of the common mistake that most of the candidates will do is that they will only concentrate on the prelims exam and prepare only for the prelims exam covering only the three sections. Later, when they clear the prelims they will not find sufficient time to prepare for the mains exam. Because of a lack of preparation for the mains exam, they will lose in the second phase.

Wise candidates will always prepare for the mains exam simultaneously when they are preparing for the prelims exam. It is very much important to concentrate on the current affairs, general awareness, and computer knowledge and on the banking terms.

Attempt mock test

It is important to have a regular mock test, when you have a mock test you will know the area that you are strong and weak, in addition now there is sectional timing even for the prelims exam. So you may not spend time on the section that you wish. Mock test will also make you release the value of time and the time for calculation. When you are attempting the mock test, do not just close when you complete the test it is very important to have a complete review of the test. You should know the mistakes you are doing and should clear them as if you do not repeat them.

Be self-motivated

Not all the time all the people will have success at the first attempt, you may also be disappointed at the moment. When you lose sometime it means that you did not work smart up to the mark in the attempt and you need to adopt any strategy and start working still smarter in the forthcoming bank exams. Instead, there is no point in feeling bad or getting de-motivated in your attempts. You may also tend to hear some of the negative comments and do not take them to your mind to be peaceful and confident in preparing for the exam.

Disconnect your social world

Every now and then you may be exposed to some of the social activities and also you may need to move to any of the parties and other activities. Besides that, you may also need to use mobile phones, computers, and laptops. Al these are the factors that will pull you back in preparation and be the great barriers to prepare for any of the competitive and bank exams.

Have regular reading on the newspapers

Current affairs play a vital role in the preparation for the bank exams.  So it is important to prepare the current affairs at least for 9 months before the date of exam and the terms related to banking. It is also not an easy task to remember them and when you need to remember them one method is to have a conversation on the topic and also as a quiz will be more helpful in remembering the concepts.

Have complete analysis and have research on the exam and make sure you do all the necessary measure to compete with others and come out in flying colors. All the best for the next bank exam!

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