How to Become a Company Secretary?

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When you heard the word secretory the image of a woman or man you have seen before on the position will come on your mind. Yes, there is a declaration of secretory has come on the way but have you know the importance of secretary for a company and MD of an organization? They are the note takers which are instructed by their MD and they are the respective person to assign work for the eligible candidates.

The Respective Person from a Respect Position

Are you get inspired by their work and admire their respect from other people?  Yes, they are the coveted and specialized professional person to work for a company with an upgraded perception. Not everyone can become as Company secretory there are certain qualifications and eligibility are needed to enter into the position.

Role to play by Company Secretary

According to the law of the company, the secretary is the responsible person to make sure and manage the workers and their works correctly. They can sign on official documents on behalf of the company take a look at the length of role to play by the company dictionary of the company secretary.

They have to take a schedule for each meeting, and then have to call and remind the appointees to attend the meeting whether they may be clients or workers. They have to track the meetings; they have to maintain the record books related to company legal documents.

To make proper drafting, the dividend for payment and calculating interest value for the process of execution of agreements and contracts with the resolutions. They are in a very senior level position on the working management with an attractive company secretary salary with perks.

Who is Hiring Company Secretary?

There is much demand for a company secretary with qualified and experience in the work at every place. In the last three years Indian country state government, public sector, and banks are hiring the company secretaries to implement their business ideas on newer models. According to ICSI company secretaries will be employed by the central government, state government and large corporate houses and their enterprises.

How to Become a Company Secretary?

Similar to the other professional work a candidate should have the eligibility and highlighted quality to become a CS. It is rather neither complex nor easy everything depends upon your talent. You can check the eligibility to become Company secretory on the official site. If you are in the boundary of the professional line even from now you can prepare for yourself to suitable for the position.

You can prefer to go with company secretory courses from several reputed educational institutions that are available in India. Among the several educational institute of company secretaries of India you have to pick the right institute after doing big research.

Steps to Become a Company Secretary

Before heading into the final step you should know the milestones crossing on the path of the Company secretory job. Check the basic details about the profession step, there are three stages of examinations that will be conducted for every applied candidate to pick the eligible one for the job. The three stages are

  • Foundation Programme
  • Executive Programme
  • Professional Programme
Check out the Eligibility Necessary to Apply for the Courses and Exams.

To attend the initial program a candidate should be pursed their 10+2 studies on the eligibility criteria of mark else equivalent to the studies of the student from Arts, Commerce, and Science stream are eligible to apply for this exam.

To attend the Executive program a candidate should pursue their graduate degree from the entire stream except for fine arts.

To attend the Professional Programme an applicant should clear their test of Executive program with the eligible marks.

So if you can attend the first two examination level you can attend that but no one can directly attend the third level of examination. The entrance exam for the company secretary course will be held twice in a year.

Be Clear on Dates

If you are looking for an opportunity to apply for a company secretory exam you have to be updated on the information and notification regarding the examination from their official website. Don’t be careless stay tuned on the website and be alert for your exams. Foundation Exam will be conducted twice in a year but the executive program will be conducted four times in a year.

Have you Known the Paper Dividends from Each Examination?

Foundation Programme has 4 papers to clear

The executive program has 8 papers with a dividend of 2 modules

Professional Programme has 9 papers with a dividend of 3 modules

You have to clear the entire papers from each section to become a successful Company secretory with professional quality. Once you came to know the date of examination you have to prepare yourself for the examination with the perfect knowledge from each referred subjects.

Subjects Included on Each Paper Under Each Program.

Foundation program

Business Environment and law, Business Management, business ethics, Entrepreneurship, business economics, Fundamental of accounting and auditing management are the subjects covered under the paper.

Executive Programme

Module 1: Company Law, Tax law, general laws, Jurisprudence, interpretation, Setting up of business entities and closure subjects to study for the section of the exam.

Module 2: Financial Accounting, Securities law, Strategic management, Economic law, business law, commercial law, capital marketers and management accounting are the topics to study for the second part of the exam.

Professional Programme

Module 1: Insolvency, valuation, and restructuring on corporate, Compliance management, Advanced Company with the practice, and due Diligence are covered in the first module.

Module 2: You should know ethics, financial, information technology, forex management, governance, systems audit and sustainability.

Module 3: there are three papers along with the multiple sections take a look at the subjects. Drafting, Pleadings, Advanced Tax law with practice and pleadings are covered on two papers. The third paper has five sections that are Insurance law, banking law along with the practice, Capital, money market, commodity are in a section. International business, intellectual property rights law along with the practices is covered in other sections.

Structure of the CS course

There are three sections of courses that will be conducted for each exam but if you have to get practice on the courses you have to know about the fees structure. The fee structure for each course will vary; you should consult with the experts and passed out students to get the idea to pick the right institute for you. Depending on your education level and your base of education some institute will decrease the fee so analyze properly and pick the suitable institute which holds the number of positivity records against the exams.

Be Sure About Eligible Marks and Steps to Get Selected

After downloading the application form you should be aware to fill it with the true details and attach the required documents of the file which was asked by the government. Submit the form before 10 or 5 days from the last submission date along with the application fee and examination fee. The examination will be conducted on the English and Hindi mediums. Candidates who are scored above 50% and above marks from all subjects are qualified to attend the next step of the exam. Be prepared and execute your talent of understanding on the exam and get succeed.

We are sure this article from CareerJobs360 will help you to understand about Tip to have victory in the Company Secretary. 

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