How to Become a Physiotherapist?

Become a Physiotherapist

A Small Guide to Clear the Physiotherapist Examination

Nowadays, most of the peoples have the dream to become a physiotherapist, for serving the people. Due to the lack of money and guidance, they cannot able to achieve their aim at the right age. In today’s modern world, a variety of ways and technologies are available, you have to utilize it properly according to your needs. You have to search on the internet for knowing some important things about the physiotherapist, it will helpful for your studies. Just read this article, if you want to know about the exam details and preparation methods.

What Is Physiotherapy?

The term physiotherapy is a treatment, used to restore the function and movement of the person, who is affected by disability, injury or illness. It is considered as the science-based profession, which helps to maintain the patient’s general lifestyle. The physiotherapist can motivate and encourage the patients and make to involve in their own care via awareness, education, participation in the treatment and empowerment.

The physiotherapist can provide the movement and exercise, advice, education and manual therapy. They have the ability to prevent the diseases and manage the pain and also helps to maintain the overall health for all aged peoples.

What Is PCE?

The term physiotherapy stands for physiotherapy competitive exam, established to verify the candidate’s competency and safety to work as a physiotherapist in hospitals and somewhere. You have to write the examination for 4 hours with 200 multiple choice questions online. The written exam component is designed to identify the candidate’s communication level, data interpretation, treatment skills safety and ethics.

Need of Physiotherapy

In general, the physiotherapy is considered as a degree-based profession, used to enhance the health of patients in a good manner. Physios can utilize their knowledge and skills for improving the range of conditions with different systems of the body such as

  • Neuromusculoskeletal – arthritis, back pain, sports injuries, and whiplash-associated disorders
  • Respiratory – cystic fibrosis, asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
  • Neurological – Parkinson’s, stroke and multiple sclerosis
  • Cardiovascular – rehabilitation after a heart attack, chronic heart disease

Responsibilities of Physiotherapist

Let see some important responsibilities of physiotherapist mentioned below.

  • Maintain the patient’s records up to date
  • Educate and motivate the patients to about their health condition
  • Determine, access and treat the patients with a certain range of conditions
  • Have to keep them up to date techniques and latest technologies
  • Refer the patients to meet appropriate medical professional

Qualifications Needed For Physiotherapist

The candidates must be educated to degree level and they have to complete their physiotherapy courses at university with 3 A levels, which includes a science and perhaps PE. For this course, the candidates must be certified with 10+2 or the equivalent examination with English, biology, physics, and chemistry.  As well as, they must have 50% marks in each of these subjects while going to study physiotherapy.

If you had completed your undergraduate degree, then you have to move on to the postgraduate degree in physiotherapy. It will help you to stand out from the crowd while applying for jobs.

Age Limit

The candidates must have a minimum age of 17 years for studying physiotherapy.

Required Skills

Generally, the physiotherapist must have certain basic skills to maintain the patient’s in an effective manner. Let see some of the important skills:

  • Patience
  • Communication skills
  • Time management
  • Sensitivity
  • Organization
  • Good fitness and physical health
  • Interpersonal skills

The physiotherapist must have the ability to maintain communication with patients as well as healthcare professionals like GPs, social workers, occupational therapists, health visitors, and district nurses. They have to pay more attention to continuous learning for both physically and emotionally.

Problems Treated By The Physiotherapist

Generally, the physiotherapists have to concentrate on both rehabilitation and prevention. Let see some examples:

  • Pelvic problems like bowel and bladder issues related to the childbirth
  • Problems in the bones, ligaments, muscles, and joints like arthritis
  • Loss of mobility can be caused by the presence of diseases like multiple sclerosis and Parkinson’s diseases.
  • Sometimes, your doctor may suggest the physiotherapist after the surgery such as heart attack, stroke or hip replacement.

How to Clear the Examination?

Initially, you have to read the questions thoroughly and familiarize yourself, which type of questions is asking you to do. While reading the question paper, you have to highlight the words, which is highly relevant to the question.

Before going to scan the list of answers, you have to come up with the right solution in your head. Reject the answers confidently; which is not related to your question and it will help you to choose the right answer

Clinical Exam Scenarios

If the candidates have successfully passed in the PCE exam, then they have to move on to the clinical exam. Generally, you have a lot of experience in the practical exam, so you can able to clear by putting less effort. However, the clinical exam is unique; it has been conducted to determine your ability regarding treatment techniques, master technical assessment, etc.

Preparation Methods

Take A Combine Study: The candidates have to make practice with someone who is already preparing for the examination. It will help you to learn some other new things regarding the examination. Both of the partners leaning and thinking capacity gets varied, so you can able to gain knowledge from each other.

Concentrate On Both Roles

While doing the combined study, you have to practice both the roles such as physiotherapist as well as the standardized patient for obtaining more number of knowledge. This preparation method will help you to provide feedback to others.

Examine The Equipment

Before going to start your preparation, you have to examine the equipment available or the physiotherapy. It will make your preparation so simple and help you to clear the examination easily.

Interview Process

Before going to attend the interview, you have to be strong in organization skills and communication skills for clearing the test. Sometimes, you may have to attend the one or more interviews to join as a physiotherapist. You are in a competitive world if you want to succeed in the physiotherapy career you have to enhance your talent day by day.

Working Conditions for Physiotherapist

The physiotherapy is a high demand one; you have a variety of opportunities available in the research industry, healthcare settings, or within the education center. Generally, the physiotherapists can work on the physiotherapy clinics or in the hospitals and some of them may visit their clients in the workplace or in their homes. The physiotherapy treatment is fulfilling and highly rewarding career, you may have a chance to treat the different age grouped peoples.

Professional sporting teams can also serve as a physiotherapist, so you have to improve your talent for achieving high positions. At the same time, you have to help your clients to meet the highest possible degree of physical activity, participation and overall quality of life.

Thus, these are all the important things you have to be remembered while preparing for the physiotherapy examination. Make use of this information, if you have a dream to become a physiotherapist. The candidates have to go through the above-mentioned information thoroughly, before starting your preparation.

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