How to Become a Pilot?

How to Become a Pilot?

Everyone would have at least once dreamt of being a pilot at their young age. To cruise the sky and control the big bird with one’s own hands is a big dream for everyone. The unmatchable feeling while the flightless human discovered a way to fly with the birds in the sky.  It sure is an incomparable feeling to even imagine flying but when it’s real and one is able to cruise the clouds and the unknown lands above it sure is a surreal thing in the world. So what does it takes to achieve those dreams and get the dream job?

The Land Above Lands

 To become a pilot might be a common aim for kids in life. Many times people ask what your goal in life is and one of the common answers kids could come up with is to become a pilot. It might be easy to say but this does take a lot of effort. There are so many complications when one hits higher altitudes.  The sky as we know is not fluffy clouds where we can jump into like soft cotton candy beds. A jump like that would send people right down crashing to the land surface. The clouds are rather floating water droplets that are very light enough to float.

 Proper knowledge of weather is a must. Flying through clouds is rumbling and terrifying as well. Also, there are particular altitudes to keep in mind while flying. An altitude of ten thousand and above will cause catastrophe and make the plane go twisting in the sky.

 This is not to discourage flying but to understand that this is not just an easy job to simply tick off our goal section in school or college. It takes a lot of effort to become a pilot. Now, apart from the serious discussions, it is really fun cruising the land above all lands and let’s find out how it’s done.

How to Become a Commercial Pilot

 A commercial pilot is someone who is responsible or qualified for flying an aircraft.  A commercial pilot can fly basic passenger flights and along with that, they can fly charter flights, emergency planes, crop duster flights and also sometimes rescues.

Commercial pilots have more earn than pilots who fly scheduled flights. So here are a few steps to help one become a pilot.

  • Basic qualifications to become a pilot.

 A commercial pilot training requires a minimum age of 18 to get a license as a commercial pilot. It requires good communication skills. There are no exceptions to this because to become a pilot one must be able to communicate well with the flight messages. It has unique codes and specific aviation languages that need excellent and clear communication skills.

Medical Examinations to Pass Commercial Pilot Training

To pass commercial pilot training the candidate must undergo physical examination and tests. These tests normally include eye test and physical fitness tests. The commercial pilot training definitely needs a pass in an eye test. Good eye vision is the basic requirement to become a pilot. Any candidate with poor eye vision may be rejected from passing the commercial pilot training. Also, physical fitness is a must pass category for one to become a pilot.

Aviation Medical Exam:

 An aviation medical exam can be scheduled with a local aviation medical examiner. This exam details can be found on the internet or by asking the flight school examiner is recommended. Aviation medical examiners are generally medical doctors who perform aviation medical exams in addition to common medical practice. These doctors have knowledge about specific physiological factors involved in flight and can offer proper guidance on certain medical conditions related to flying.

  • Types of Aviation Medical Exams:

As a student pilot doing pilot study one has the choice of getting one among the first three classes under the medical certificate. First class medical certificates are required for airline pilots with the most restrictive of the medical certificates. Second class medical certificates are required for most commercial pilots also they can be got under commercial pilot training. Third class medical certificates are the least restrictive and easiest to obtain they are basic level and are required for student pilots doing a pilot study.

Education Qualifications

Educational qualification is either a degree of a pilot study or a basic degree. It requires good knowledge of aeronautics too. However, there is training and private pilot study needed to pass the commercial pilot training and become a pilot.

  • Pieces of training to take.

A future pilot can take pilot study and pilot training as private pilots initially to learn the basics of the process of flight.  That is just one part of it. In addition to it, there is more to learn about aeroplane operations and maintenance knowledge, aviation language and communications and also maneuvering. Some pilot study courses also offer recreational or private training courses as prerequisites for commercial pilot training. This enables practical knowledge and better experience-based learning for students. This allows them to pass through without multiple lessons.

  • Log flight hours

To complete a commercial pilot training one must spend at least 250 hours flying. The flying is not only on normally supervised conditions but also under unsupervised situations. This is done solo and as the pilot-in-command. It is done as complete instrument training along with a plane with designated gear. This long flight hours include  Flying cross-country in both day and nighttime conditions. And that’s not all it requires completion of a specified number of takeoffs and landings.

  • Passing required tests

 It takes more than the above for a person to become a pilot. the candidate must pass the test called the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) practical test.  This must be administered by a registered official. This test is a serious one which requires a candidate to take both written and practical test. The test requires applicants to demonstrate a variety of operational tasks. This involves demonstrating their ability to meet industry standards. It also needs a pilot to exhibit proficiency in flying. A  written exam is conducted to test the candidate’s knowledge of navigation and also knowledge on safety and aviation communications.

Taking any Additional Certification

 To work as a commercial pilot one needs to be licensed as an airline transport pilot in order to work for commercial airlines.  The applicant has to be of at least 23 of age and have a minimum of 15000 hours of flight log as a qualification. To become a pilot one also has to pass the FAA examinations. Some airlines demand experiences also. These additional certifications are not very forced as the qualifications come automatically after few years of pilot experience.

  The above details are only the basic requirements for one to achieve the dream goal of being a pilot.  A commercial pilot training requires perseverance and endurance. It tests the very existence of humanity and patience. An aspiring pilot must be good at handling stress and pressure. Because anything that affects a pilot affects all those in flight with them.A pilot’s job is as complicated as a doctor. They carry people to destinations across the sky. The lives of hundreds rest in their hands. Hence a high level of passion and dedication along with compassion towards everything is needed for this aspiring job.

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