How to Become a Raw Agent?

How to become a raw agent?

Are you a person looking to Become as a raw agent? Are you having a passion to become a raw agent to prove your intelligence? Being a raw agent will be quite an adrenaline pumping occupation to be alert and active for every time. A Raw agent can work for the Research & Analysis Wing or RAW under different countries across all over the planet. There are many facts are hiding under the job and the nature of actions to be performed in this job. Here from the article know the facts and things to improve your intelligence to work as a raw agent.

What is the iconic fame of becoming a raw agent?

Before attaining a passion to become a raw agent, you should know the following facts and consider the things to know the working style of a raw agent. Research and Analysis Wing Agent (RAW) was established in the year 1968, and it is being as one of the best intelligence agency in the world among different agencies. A raw agent should gather information about the crime by using their intelligence from the outside world and Secure India’s intelligence in foreign countries.

Due to the professionalism and patriotism of every raw agent, most of the people get inspired to work in the agency. Some other people get attracted by the novels, books, and stories released on the internet about a raw agent.  Youngster and children will be used to get attracted by the character and working style of a person in movies. But due to the lack of information, some people will not able to get proper details and information’s to know about a raw agent. The actions and working style of a Becoming Raw agent in movies are actually doesn’t hold the true facts about working of the raw agent.

Ways to join and start a career in Research and Analysis Wing.

The first thing is you cannot apply for a position in RAW, you need to build a strong career to select in raw by attending civil services exams. If they recruit a person for a job directly from universities they will take them to test their personality National Aptitude in Intelligence and Psychological tests, interviews will also be conducted against their department rule. Training will also be conducted for the selected candidate to groom their talent and mold themselves to match for the Raw agent position to face intelligence missions.

The RAW agency will look for the people who are from a specific background as served experience in Central Armed Police Force directly. Nowadays, for a higher position the recruiter looking for professionals from government institution and specified government background. Fresher candidates are directly get recruited from colleges and universities based on their performance against social activities.

  • People who are attending and passed in UPSC service test will also be a recruit for a job in RAW, so you try to attempt the UPSC exam may try your luck there to get appoint. A special test of RAW Allied Service test is conducted by RAW to absorb special and better suitable candidates to recruit.
  • People from Intelligence Bureau also recruits in RAW look out the following requirement to develop your skill to join in RAW
  • A candidate should clear SSC CGL Examination or have to hold the best mark in the exam of ACIO-Assistant Central Intelligence Officer directly undertaken by Home Ministry of India.
  • As a candidate you have to clear ACIO test then you will be suggested for the promotions to become DCIO-Deputy Central Intelligence with A grade post in Intelligence Bureau.
  • A candidate should got ranked in UPSC-Civil service exam to join in IB, If a candidate holds good they have the option to go with IB job or either they can select the position of IPS officer to serve for people in the country.

What are the facts hides in the working style of a raw agent?

Motto: Every raw agent should have a motto to work for their nation, as a person to point out the mischievous activities happening against their country. They should have an intelligent mind to find out the reason for the activities and should analyze who can perform these actions to perform against the nation and to catch them to save their nation.

Reason to establish RAW

A RAW agency established on 21st September 1968 due to the need of intelligence agency between countries. After the War of Sino – Indian of 1962 and War of India – Pakistan in 1965 the authorities of Intelligence Bureau had undertaken the exposure gaps of Intelligence gathering between the countries. The first Director of RAW’s agency is Rameshwar Nath Kao, appointed to tackle the step or to deem necessary counter activities plan to do in India before it went to war.

Training of a raw agent

Raw Officials will treat to various places across the country to solve various problems under rigorous training to solve risky problems in their duty period. Training agents from different countries will receive an exhaustive training from the famous raw agents in the art of self-defense. People positioned in the Intelligence Bureau, Indian Military, Revenue department, and Indian police service will be preferred to hire in the RAW agency. Job opening for a RAW agent will be happening in a secure and secret way, but recruited in RAW takes long and more tests when comparatively in today’s method. Top RAW agents representatives will appoint the RAW agent by started picking up intelligent students from universities.

A training period of a RAW agent will take a couple of years to complete based on the training method.  There is Basic training and advanced training will be conducted to the selected raw trainees to make familiarized with the real world of Intelligence.

Responsibilities of RAW

Research & Analysis Wing holds the same provision as the Right to Information Act, and they don’t have to answerable to the parliament of India at any given point of time on any issues. The fact is about they are under the direct control of Prime Minister of the country, secretary of RAW agents are responsible to answer only for the Joint Intelligence Committee and Prime Minister of the Country for their operations and on issues.

RAW agents will give training for Space technology, scientific knowledge, information security, financial, energy security and financial industries. Trainer of RAW agent will hold higher strategy ranking from experience in RAW agency and they will hold the certificate of performance from Intelligence organizations. The recruiter will follow the policy to do not identify who is a foe, who is a friend to select the candidate.

Training education

The recruited candidate should develop their knowledge to be specializing in a foreign language and the case studies of MI6, Mossad, CIA, ISI, and KGS for other agencies were presented for study. When a recruit completes basic training they will send to a Field Intelligence Bureau for lasts 1-2 years to have firsthand experience to figure out be cold and conducting clandestine operations.

Even night exercising will be conducted for recruited candidates to experience about infiltration and ex-filtration. Also, they are taken for practice to avoid capture, how to face interrogation and to perform if caught these pieces of training are considered as an art of reconnoiter. The trainer will give practice to making contacts by being professional and the numerous skills of operating an intelligence mission.

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