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become a best lawyer

A Lawyer is a professional who holds a license and practice law. The lawyer will deal with the legal fields on behalf of his clients and fight for justice based on the legal rules. The path to becoming a lawyer is not an easy task. There are certain eligibilities and certain tests and thing necessary to become a lawyer. Here is some guidance for the one who wishes to become a lawyer.

What actually a lawyer does?

Not all the people other than lawyers will know completely about the law but they will be in need of the right rules that are related to law. At the time, a lawyer is the one who will tell their clients regarding the possible ways to get rid of any issue or to know about how to face the issue legally. Lawyers work on both the public and the private sector. Like the lawyer he or she should be able to prepare legal documents, interview witnesses, argue court motions, conduct deposition, conduct trials, etc.

Step by step process in becoming a lawyer

When one needs to become a Good layer it is necessary to possess certain academic skills and some technical knowledge. Here are the steps that are involved in becoming a lawyer.

Step 1: Have a levels

For anyone who is interested in law and wishes to become Successful lawyer should need to complete A-Level with good grades like A or A* and that will help you to be placed in any of the top universities. A Law foundation is also an alternative to studying law.  This will help you improve knowledge in any of the subjects like history, geography or mathematics and this will be the source to enhance your knowledge in writing, reading and research. Be wise in choosing the university since some of the universities will not accept some subjects like PE, arts, and photography.

Step 2: Obtain an undergraduate degree

You need to complete an undergraduate degree that takes 3 to 4 years of completion. Your degree can be in Bachelor of Laws (LLB), Bachelor of Arts (BA) or Bachelor of Science (BSc).

Bachelor of Law LLB:

It is the degree for the person to become a Lawyer and it is the first stage of training for every lawyer. The person who studies LLB will need to cover the portions in “Foundation of Legal Knowledge” and this develops intense knowledge in analytical and skills that are required for a successful career as a lawyer.

 Bachelor of Arts (BA) or Bachelor of Science (BSc)

You can study BA or complete graduation in any of the subjects and with that, you need to complete one year course and become a Graduate Diploma in Law (GDL) before you apply for the Legal Practice Course.

become a best lawyer

What to choose LLB or BSc/ BA?

To become a lawyer you are eligible when you study LLB or BA/ BSc as well but the difference is that when you study LLB you will be strong in basics of concepts on the law. When you choose BA/ BSc you will have knowledge in any subjects like history or business or any others. You will also need to spend one more year in studying course related to the law so this needs more time.

Step 3: Study bar Professional Training Course or Legal Practice Course

When you choose to study The Legal Practice Course (LPC), you need to choose the right accredited center and it is the one-year postgraduate course that helps you to appear for the professional career in law. When you chose this course it is similar to going to the law school.

The Bar Professional Training Course (BPTC) is also a one-year postgraduate course that prepares you to the professional law career. You will need to complete the course in the accredited provider that is broadly called the bar school.

The requirements of the Law school differ from each other and also based on the institute that you apply for. When the competition for some is high the achieving for at least 2:1 honor in the under graduation degree or for the GDL will support your application. A good level of English and academic references are also required.

Step 4: Specialist Training

This is the final step for anyone to become a lawyer. Only when the person has some sort of practical knowledge he or she can be successful in the field; this is applicable in the field of law as well. You need to spend at least two years in the law firm, for that you need to apply for the training contracts in the type of law firm that you are interested to work in. during the time you will also need to complete the Professional Skill course and a series of specialist modules for this you will be paid like a stipend by the law firm.

For completion of the entire process, you will need 6 years in case of choosing an LLB degree or 7 years if you are choosing a BA or BSc.

Work environment

Generally, the lawyers will be working in the office setting it might be a courthouse or in the office. Some of the lawyers will be sitting behind the desk and it completely depends on the specialties that the lawyer has chosen. Some of the lawyers do not need to travel long but some needs to do so.

The job role of the lawyers

These are some of the capacities that the lawyer needs to practice and these are the areas that you may prefer when you become a lawyer.

  • Law professor
  • Legislative drafter
  • Public defender
  • Magistrate
  • In-house assistant for a judge
  • Attorney for the government agency
  • The judge in the judicial system
  • Private practice
  • The district attorney or prosecuting attorney
  • Non-profit, charity attorney
  • Administrative law judge
  • Advocacy and lobbying for nay of the charity with respect to underrepresented groups

Skills required for a Good lawyer

When you become a lawyer these are the required skills:

  • Active learning
  • Negotiation
  • Speaking
  • System analysis
  • Time management
  • Persuasion
  • Active listening
  • Coordination
  • Instructing
  • Complex problem solving
  • Reading comprehension
  • System evaluation
  • Speaking and arguing
  • Monitoring learning strategies
  • Judgment and decision making
  • Critical thinking
  • Service orientation
  • Instructing
  • Writing

How to choose the right law school?

Most of the law schools are similar in teaching the basic concepts in the first year of the course but after that, they will vary from each other.  If you have already decided on the specialization that you are going to be in, you may choose the university that is specialized in that. If not, you may focus on the college that concentrates on the various specializations and later you may have a specific qualification.

You will also need to choose the institution based on the scholarship that they provide you. Other consideration will be based on the reputation, the things you will continue after the education, etc to become a lawyer.

Choosing a career is the most important thing that one should do in their life to be successful. This requires certain things considerations and knowledge.  Do not make any unclear decision in this aspect. Have research and ask your mind regarding the interest and make the decision appropriately to be a successful lawyer. All the best for becoming a successful lawyer and to serve society!

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