How to Become a Teacher?

Become a Teacher

Are you an aspirant looking for possibilities and steps to become a teacher? Read more this article to step on the right way to become a teacher. Before looking into content have you know the importance of teacher for individual and society. If you can find and have an answer to this question you have the ability to become a teacher. Most people have a favorite teacher who taught you to read, learn and write educational values and taught to understand the nature of society. Perhaps your favorite teacher may inspire you to become a teacher.

Decide if Teaching is Suitable for you or Not

Before entering into the step of becoming a teacher you should analyze whether the noble profession is a teacher is right for you? Think about the hurdles to cross and challenges to face while being on the profession. A good teacher can make good and bad impacts on students so think what impact you going to create on the young generation. If you are hoping on yourself to create positive impacts on young generation by implementing the new methods you may consider as a profession on teaching.

Measure your Interest in Teaching and Talent to be Socialize

To step into the right career you must have a great interest in caring and being patient is the most important quality to become a teacher.  Taking care of students and paving a path for their success is the role to play by the teacher. A teacher should work with students from the age of kid to teenage and adult depends upon your teaching qualification of degree.

Check the Qualification of a Degree Requirement to Become a Teacher

A qualified teacher from specific subjects is equal to the content from the books they will have a wide range of knowledge to be as a specialist from a subject. To be a qualified teacher they have to be a researcher on the subject. There are three degrees are used to measure the quality of a teacher they are listed below.

  • Holding Bachelor degree from a specified subject is the first step to become a teacher
  • Holding a Master Degree on the subject will help to move to the next level
  • Teacher with Doctorate degree holding are only considered as qualified teachers

Teaching Courses Available to Become a Teacher

If you are interested in the profession of teaching you have to pursue some teaching courses to make your path clear to become a teacher. The list of teaching courses and the duration of time is listed below.

Stage 1: Dual degree from different subject

  • Ed degree with a BA degree

It is an integrated course to enter into the teaching profession it is considered as a post-graduate education course. You can choose the subject from your personal preference and take that with the integrated courses. Duration of this course is 4 academic years. To attend this course you must have the eligibility of 50% minimum of marks from English subject from any stream of 10+2 examination.

After completing this course you have to attend the Central Teacher Eligibility Test to become a teacher in schools from the central government. State Wise TET exam is a permit of working as a teacher on a certain state.

Stage 2: B.SC degree with B.Ed

It is an integrated course you have to complete your Bachelor of Science Degree from specific Subject along with the Bachelor of Education degree. Based on your personal preferences you can choose the subject what you wish to teach. Duration to complete this integrated course is 4 academic years.

  • To attend this course you must have the eligibility of minimum 50% marks from Science stream on your 10+2 education. If you are a D.Ed degree holder you can enter into this course at the second academic year directly.

When you complete this degree you can attend the CTET exam or you can go for further studies or teacher training class. If you get qualified and certified from the government you can play the role of the teacher in schools.

Advanced Courses to Become a Higher Level Teacher

The lists of the education program are available in a wide range but based on your interest and talent on a subject is the key to make you shine on your career. There is an elementary level course to teach for elementary students, higher level education course are available to be a higher level teacher in school. As on the same line higher secondary courses with the master degree is preferred to teach for higher secondary students.

If you are interested to be a teacher for college student you must pursue at least Master degree from preference subject along with the integrated courses. At the maximum of Doctorate, degree holder is considered as a qualified and experienced teacher to teach for entire academic students to any degree.

Step To Becoming an Assistant Professor

Initially, you should complete your Master Degree from preferable subject along with the Master Education degree. Then attend the government conducting examination name of NET/SLET/SET it is the qualifier level test to test your ability to become an assistant professor. Once you have passed and come out with a valuable percentage on the certificate you can get the opportunity to work as an assistant professor on government running colleges and also on private sector colleges.

Special Education Courses to add value to your Career

You must be aware of the advanced level educations and special education courses. Take a look on this list to know the value of special education and courses to study for it. Before knowing about it values your mind do you have patience and willingness to teach for disability students? If your answer is yes educate yourself to treat and guide Visual impairment, Mental retardation, hearing impairments sufferings on the student. Programs to study for becoming a special education teacher are listed below.

  • BA+B.Ed Special Education
  • Ed Special Education
  • Ed Special Education
  • Ed Special Education
  • Diploma In Early Childhood Special Education Course

While you get trained in this special education your job profile will get more value and helps you to get more salary than other regular teachers.

Creating a Positive Impact on the Future Generation

You might get inspired by your teacher and enter into this career in the same way you have to teach your student to inspire them. School Teachers are the supportive pillar to support and create the next generation people to make the growth of a country. Teachers are the translators and content expertise to make their teaching as an effective tool for the student.

If you follow the method of teaching outside the book and related to the subject is the era to mold every student to get more knowledge from the manual book and practical works. Teachers are the most respected person from every society. Gain real-world experience and enter into the career path is the best way to know the method of handling each category of students. Mind this point before entering into the career you are going to make every child for the development and prosperity of every nation.

We are sure this article from CareerJobs360 will help you to understand about Tip to have victory in the Become a Teacher.

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