How to Become an Architect?

Become an Architect

What is an Architect?

An architect is a design program profession that involves the work from client discussion to the final delivery of the construction. An architect do the architectural design that must be balanced in competing for the needs of the client in various ways includes functionality, cost, estimation, safety, modern, aesthetic value, and efficiency.

Once you decide with an architecture career, then the student must get graduation in Architect degree program associated with the bachelor’s (B.Arch), master’s (M.Arch) and doctoral level degrees (Ph.D.)

A proper plan of a career in architecture will help you to become a successful architect in society. Get adequate knowledge in the field and practice accordingly to become a world-renowned architect.

Obtain a Degree in Architecture

A normal Bachelor’s degree is enough to work in an entry-level architectural design. But when you want to become a licensed architect, you need a professional degree associate with architecture that must be accredited by the National Architectural Accrediting Board (NAAB).

The professional degrees on architecture career include the Bachelor of Architecture (B.Arch.) and Master of Architecture (M.Arch.). Once you complete the degree you can start work in an entry-level and professional level. But a doctoral degree qualifies for research and teaching positions.

Understand the Profession

Architectural design involves more creative knowledge than an aptitude for drawing or basic carpentry. The process involves earning a bachelor and master degree from an accredited program, gaining real-work experience and passing the exam conducted by the national exam center.

Once you get the license, architects are able to practice in their own concern or they can work in corporate. After entering the job, they must involve in each phase of the process that creates new structure, design, involvement, evolving the structural design, making changes in the design, etc.

In architectural design the involvement in the job includes a discussion with the client, creating the best design; create a new structure, communication with the client, involving in each phase of the design, overseeing the construction process and ensuring the final structure that protects the public safety.

Talent and skill of an Architect

Architects have the following talents and skills

Creative Ideas: Architectural design comes up with best creating well-designed structures that meet the functional purpose. Every simple structure encounter the dreamed up with excellent architect aiming for the best quality, beauty, and functionality.

Complete Knowledge in Design: In addition to the designing in the building with elegance and beauty, architects must have the knowledge, involvement, clear understanding, and creative knowledge on how the different components of a building work together to create a safe, sturdy environment.

Great Communicator: Architects have a clear vision of construction and structure design. They give a clear idea about the structure and communicate properly with the clients.

Decide your way on Architecture Career

 First, decide what type of architect you want to then choose your platform accordingly. Many architects work for some firms and see projects throughout from start of the conception to the completion.

  • Many architects use their talents and their predominant skills in different parts of the industry.
  • Architects mainly focus on design, making the perfect structural plans, building a plan for a follow of building codes and make sure to meet the expectation of the client.
  • Architects have in-depth knowledge about planning and designing, then implement their art and creative work to give the best finishing in the building. They mainly focus on structural design at the same time to satisfy the client needs.
  • Landscape architects have a well-planned architecture design mainly focus on how to design the outdoor spaces and utilize the spaces accordingly.
  • Some architects focus only on design and client satisfaction they won’t involve into the interior design, extra creative design to their clients. They ensure to meet the expectations of the client.
  • Some construction firms hire architects often to oversee the construction structure and make minor changes in producing quality.
  • Some architects mainly focus on certain types of building alone like high-security facilities, hospital, resorts, hotels, schools, and colleges.
  • Some architects work on the restoration of old buildings. Make alteration work on the buildings.
  • Some architects implement to work on maintaining the antique design in the old building with modern technology and helps to provide ultra-modern facilities.

Talk to Architects Professionals

Once you decide to become an architect first consult with the professional architects and talk to them on the field and about architectural career. Find licensed professionals and talk to them to get a sense of scope and development in the architectural career.

Select the architectural firms from your place or from family members and talk to them and get clear knowledge of being an architectural designer, best school, scope, placement, and future.

Once you get admitted to the college, select the best firm and practice training or internship at an architecture firm to gain practical knowledge in the architecture field.

Major in Architecture

Once you decided to become an architect, apply for the entrance conducted by NAAB and start searching for the prescribed universities and colleges and make sure that college is accredited by National Architectural Accrediting Board (NAAB).

Apply for the course and learn properly. Once you completed your Bachelor’s degree in your architecture career you are eligible to work in the entry level. Once you complete your master’s degree you become a professional.

A bachelor’s degree in architecture career with several years of experience added with master degree give more value in the same architectural field. You get both academic and practical knowledge as well.

Once you decide to go in a teaching profession or in the research profession, plan for Ph.D. program and select the prescribed university to complete the doctorate. Then you are eligible for teaching and also for professional training.

Obtain a graduate degree in architecture accredited by the NAAB.

Suppose if you did not enter the five-year combined bachelor’s program in architectural design, then you can focus on 3 years or 4 years undergraduate program then choose masters in architecture.

You can focus on programs like innovation, ultra-modern design, restoration, and even environment-friendly design.

Complete the Architectural Program accredited by the National Council of Architectural Registration Boards (NCARB)

Each state conducts exams to obtain architects gain professional experience. It is essential to get trained and clear in the exam in order to get the license.

One must clear bachelors and master’s degree in architecture career to practice as a profession. To complete the architectural program accredited by the National Council of Architectural Registration Boards.

NCARB can be obtained only when you get the license from the state. This credential shows that you are qualified professional with high standards and has an ability to work with any clients or firms across the states and countries as a professional architect.

Start practicing to be an architectural designer and start your architecture carrier depending on the educational path and area of interest.

Before practicing in own firm, better to join a firm that mainly focuses on a residential building, commercial building, and park and hospital construction. The way you propagate your talent will give the best name in the architect field.

Working in the firm as an architect give more experience in various methods that provides an added advantage and best name in society. Later you can consider being operating as a consultant as a way to get your feet wet. So what are you waiting for? Stay your career now and grab the golden opportunity to become a successful and brand named architect.

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