How To Become an IAS Officer

How to become an IAS officer

Most of the aspirants will have an interest in the Civil Service Exam and to become an IAS officer. Without complete and proper awareness, they will not be able to achieve in their dream. Here is a guide for such people. This complete guide on the IAS preparation will help you to have enough idea regarding the exam and some tips to clear the exam.

What is the Indian Administration Service (IAS)?

It is one of the most prestigious services in the list of 24 services like IFS, IPS, etc. it is conducted by the UPSC Civil Service Examination (CSE) to select the eligible candidates. The candidates who are selected in the exam will be posting in various designations like a collector, commissioner, cabinet secretary, chief secretary, head of public sector unit, etc. Such officers are not only in the higher positions but they are also in the position to make changes in million numbers of people.

How to become an IAS officer?

The IAS exam consists of three levels; prelims, mains and interview, and the candidates are recruited through the UPSC Civil Service Exam. It is not so easy to clear the exam among the massive competition at the same time it is also not a task that is impossible. It requires a rough attitude and proper approach to clear the exam.

 What is the Civil Service Examination (CSE)?

Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) is the government agency that is responsible for recruiting the right aspirants for 24 different types of jobs. Every year only around 1000 candidates are selected among 10 lakh who apply for the job. In the first round of the exam, around 5 lakh candidates will be eliminated.

Stages in the exam

The exam has three stages in the UPSC recruitment,

  • The first stage is the preliminary exam (objective type) and it is conducted in the month of June
  • The second stage is the mains exam (written exam) and it is conducted in the month of September or October
  • The final stage is the interview or the personality test and that is conducted during the time of March-May

The final result of the exam will be at the end of May

 Eligibility criteria for the exam

The candidates who are applying for the exam should be above 21 years. In the case of general candidates, they can apply until 32 years of age and 35 years for OBC and 37 years for SC/ ST candidates. The candidates must have completed graduation. The final year students are also eligible to appear for the exam.

Number of attempts that the candidates can have

There are some limits for the number of time that the candidates will be allowed to write the exam, in case of OBC candidates, they can try up to 6 attempts and in case of SC/ ST candidates they can try up to 9 attempts in the UPSC Civil Service Examination.

Syllabus of the exam

The first and foremost thing that the candidates need to do in the preparation of the exam completely understands the syllabus. When UPSC Civil Service Exam is considered, it comprises of two compulsory papers with marks of 200 each. The first paper is General Studies Paper I and the second paper is the General Studies Paper II. The questions will be multiple-choice questions. The marks taken by the aspirants in the prelims exam will be counted and calculated will the final selection.

In the second stage, the candidates will need to answer for 9 papers and for the calculation of the merit list 7 papers will be considered. In the other two papers, the candidates should at least the minimum marks to be qualified in the stage. Total marks in the main exam will be 1750 and interview will be 275 marks.

Importance of mock test

For any competitive exam, it is necessary to have models test like mock test and only that will give you the feel of writing the exam like the main exam. This is highly useful if the exam has negative marking. You can lot timing accordingly, know the area and weakness and get rid of the exam fear. As you practice for the exam, it is equally important for having a review of the questions that went wrong. Sometime the same question might even appear in the exam and that will be highly useful.

An important factor to successfully become an IAS officer

An IAS officer is one of the posts that serve the nation and people. So it is not that easy to become successful in such kind of position. It is necessary to follow some of the habits and other activities to become a successful officer even from the time of preparation and that will help you in clearing the exam as well.

Time management

For any human, it is necessary to maintain time in their day-to-day activity. This comes in action during the preparation itself. The time table that you prepare should be covering all the portions needed to cover for the paper I and paper II, you should have sufficient time in revising the concepts that you have already learned and also you should have time in practicing mock test tests regularly. As you practice the mock test it is equally important to have a complete analysis of the wrong answers and find the area that you are not strong enough and have an intense practice in those areas.

Watch and read the news regularly

For any person, it is important to be updated with the activities that are happening around them. As the IAS officer, it is important to have knowledge of all the information that is happening in the world despite them being connected with it or not. Therefore, the people who are trying to clear the IAS exam should be cautious in such habits and they should spend sufficient time in the current affairs regularly.

Have exercise for concentration

Generally, for any human, it is must to be concentrated in any of the activities that you do. In particular, for an IAS officer, it is important to be concentrated in the activity that they carry out since they will be in the position to take most important decisions and the decision that they take will usually affect a large number of people. To enhance those activities it is necessary to have some of the exercise to improve concentration and also have healthy food.

Spend sufficient time on the internet

Internet is the factor that helps you to gain more information and to have more knowledge. As an IAS officer, you should be an all-rounder and should have knowledge in all the areas. One best source is surfing on the internet when compared to spending in the classroom.

Becoming an IAS officer is no more a harder task when you are ready to scarify certain things in your life and to work hard and smart. Hear to some of the motivational speech and be motivated with a good confidence level. This will definitely take you to reach the height of achievement. All the best for the forthcoming UPSC Civil Service Exam and to become an IAS officer!

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