How to Become an Officer in Indian Army?

Indian Army

An officer in the Indian Army is a dream for all fruitful Indian that inherits the glorious heritage and enduring traditions, blended perfectly in the fields of an army, medical, engineering, and management.

Indian army offers a golden opportunity to the Indian citizen act to be a part in the world’s best army that helps to get trained as a successful army officer and a perfect gentleman to the family and nation.

All Indian Army officers are considered to be the hero of our nation. They tirelessly work for the nation without thinking about their personal life and happiness. We must salute all army officers for their endless work.

About Join Indian Army Recruitment

The Indian President is the Supreme Commander of our Indian Army; Indian Army is commanded by four-star general called the Chief of Army Staff (COAS). The ultimate mission of the Indian Army officer is to provide national unity, security, and safety to the people and the country.

The main aim of the Indian army is to ensure peace and maintain security in the borders. It ensures preventing the nation from external aggression and internal threats and maintaining peace and security within its borders.

Join Indian Army serves for humanitarian rescue operations during the natural storm, tsunami, calamities and other natural disturbances, like Operation Surya Hope.

Indian army even provides with upgraded civil qualification with two years paid leave for their services to the nation. Facilities like housing subsidized, free medical checkup facilities for self & family, insurance cover, loans for house/land, canteen facilities, vehicle loan and many perks that no other organization provides.

Here is the step-by-step guide for joining the Indian Army. Please follow the instructions carefully.

How to join in Indian Army?

Permanent Commission

A Permanent Commission is a career in Indian Army till you retire. For Permanent Commission, the candidate must join Indian Military Academy, Dehradun or at Officers Training Academy, Gaya.

Indian Military Academy, Dehradun:

Indian Military Academy is a cradle of leadership. The IMA trains the officers in all aspects of combat and tactics with the help of technology and modern tools. The Indian Army has excellent features and facilities for adventure sports like para jumping, river rafting, trekking, rock climbing, and mountaineering.

From IMA you’re commissioned to a Lieutenant in the Indian Army. The main entries for IMA are as follows:

Combined Defense Service Examination (CDSE)

The candidates must get qualified in the CDS entrance test conducted by UPSC and clear the SSB interview. The candidate must fit medically & must meet all the eligibility conditions in the available vacancies.

Once the candidates are selected for the final interview, they must undergo training for a period of 18 Months at IMA. Here candidates are enrolled as a Gentlemen Cadets. They undergo training and after successful completion of training cadets are granted in the rank of Lt and finally, they are allocated to different areas for their services.

Become an Officer in the Indian Army

For an effective job career, a strategy for a long time is essential and this is possible if there is continuity & security is assured. The Indian Army job has been structured to ensure the work with unhindered dignity. It also gives social status and statutory rules to safeguard the servicemen adequately in service and also after retirement.

There is an excellent career awaited for army officer once they are selected and entered into the Indian Army. The attributes that satisfy the profession are:

Professional Advancement

The promotional and professional advancement of an Indian Army officer are

  •     Captain
  •     Major
  •    Lieutenant Colonel

Based on selection it is classified as

  •      Colonel
  •      Brigadier
  •      Major General
  •      General
  •      Lieutenant General

Growth is a way of Life

The Indian Army officer job gives assurance for his job security and also to his family.  Indian army ensures the professional and personal growth at each stage on his army officer cadre.

Join Indian army provides greater opportunity to upgrade the various courses. It also helps to maintain the body fit and perfect. The extracurricular activities in the army ensure the overall development in the career.

Apart from salary and perks, the lifestyle offers by the army are incredible. It provides excellent social interactions, gives places in the finest clubs and be a member in the golf courses, excellent medical facilities and ample opportunity to participate in adventurous sports and game activities.

The Indian Army assures a perfectly healthy life in a healthy environment. It provides job opportunity, social welfare, social status, medical allowances and members in finest clubs. Join Indian Army is a golden opportunity for all Indians to build their successful career. It is even better than in other professions.

Join Indian army is possible after school or graduation. The army molds the officer to the higher grade and gives value to their socio-economic life. It ensures all-round development in everyday life. It provides an attractive salary along with many allowances.

Social Status in Service & after Retirement

Everyone has own opinion about social status, but once you joined the army you are considered to be the hero of the nation. All members in the society of any caste, religion, the state gives respect and elite brotherhood.

By join in the Indian Army the soldiers get unique identification and esteem status in the society that is the envy of all.

When the Army officer gets retired from his service, the Army officers continue to hold the status of the most respected citizens in India. Their children get special seats in school, colleges and even in government jobs.

It enables the ethical values that add a special social niche in society. Once he gets retired, he gets much fitter and perfect active lifestyle helps them to choose a second career in an eminently feasible way.

Lifetime opportunities for Professionals

The Indian Army provides lifetime opportunities to many great professionals like Engineers, Doctors, Lawyers, Nurse, and Teachers. It gives an opportunity for both men and women. Commissioned to various Corps a profession can pursue a decent job with lifetime opportunity.

The Indian army heavily invests in human & technological resources. That includes the tools for research, employment, machines, guns, and advanced radar technology. All army officers get greater security and advanced technology to safeguard their life.

Quality of Life

As an Army officer at 21, get a lifestyle that no one can imagine in any other profession so grab the golden opportunity to become the hero of the nation.

It is not a regular job like committed with target and duty from morning to evening. It is a profession loved by all, working for the country, towards the country, and of the country.

Indian Army job is a challenging job that teaches time management, professional ethics, adventure, honor, prestige, self-respect, self-esteem, sincerity, and time value.

Army life is an island of sanity that envies the countrymen and ensures the quality of life. Some of the intangibles that make the quality of line in the army are: Proud Profession, Social honor, and social status, sports and adventurous activity, AWWA girl’s hostel in metros, Army ensures physical and mental health, a golden opportunity for life career, pure and noble profession.

It provides quality of life not only to the officers but also to the officer’s family members. Indian Army provides insurance to the Army officers for their life security.

Pay and Allowances

The Pay and allowances are as per seventh pay commission. The army officers get paid during their training time, at the time of service and after retirement. They get many allowances including health, sports, insurance, life, housing schemes, scholarship for their children, vehicle allowances, etc.

They get job security and pay scale that directly credits to the account without any restrictions. This is an excellent job that no other firm would capable of or willing to pay. Join Indian Army today and make your career as a successful Army officer, make the nation proud.

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