How to Crack Andhra Pradesh PSC Exam?

Andhra Pradesh Public Service Commission

Andhra Pradesh Public Service Commission or shortly known as the APPSC is a service commission of the Andhra Pradesh state of India. It was formed along with with the state formation on November 1 1956.

All About the APPSC Exam

The Andhra Pradesh public service commission is a selection board which functions to mainly choose candidates for various sectors of a government job vacancy. The main purpose of this board is to choose suitable and capable candidates for the post. In order to do this, the APPSC conducts examinations for various posts and selects candidates according to their marks scored in the exams. These exams help to test the eligibility and capability of a candidate for that particular posting.

The APPSC exams are conducted for the recruitment of eligible candidates for various government sector jobs it includes jobs for panchayats, tax areas and also other government vacancies of the prestigious state government. It is conducted by the Andhra Pradesh public service commission in the state level every year.

This recruitment is done by offering posting to eligible candidates who are suitable for state government jobs. They get posted in various Government Organisations or Departments according to their subject line and requirement raised by each department respectively.  This job is mainly for any type of graduates. Various eligible graduates get selected for miscellaneous jobs according to their area of specialization and their group attended in the APPSC.

Eligibility Criteria for APPSC Exam

The eligibility criteria are very simple to attend the APPSC exam. It requires any graduate with specialization in any course of graduation that suits the position.  Provided some job post require experience in certain fields and those candidates will have to show proof of work during submission of certificates. The age limit for the exams is common. It is 18 to 42 years. There are four groups under the APPSC exam. Each group provides a set of jobs specializing in each government jobs.  Group 1 has 19 types of posts, Group 2 has 20 posts, group 3 has one post which is the Panchayat Secretary in Andhra Pradesh. the group 4 APPSC exams are conducted for the recruitment of junior assistants.  These are the various divisions of exam conducted for various posts of the APPSC.

Preliminary Examination

  1. If the candidate is from an engineering background, then the candidate’s first area of study is the Second paper which is the General Aptitude test. Hence it is important to just brush up these topics as fast as possible within fifteen days. After completing the next is to go through the current affairs. Finally, the remaining topics can be covered.
  2. Next is if the candidate is from arts background then the candidate’s first area of study is First paper which is also the General Studies. As said above it is good to go through the general knowledge questions and then later cover up the other topics.
  3. The general topics and current affair knowledge must be kept updated before at least six months prior to the APPSC

The preliminary exam of the APPSC is covered mainly with the general questions and current affairs.

  • Main Examination

The main examination of the APPSC exam consists of a few specific questions and also covers laws, history economy etc. The main examination needs a little harder preparation. History questions are static as the past information don’t change. Hence it is easy to complete them first. Other dynamic areas like economics and planning are not static so going through articles and newspapers is important for these questions. Hence the main examination is an area to be moulded with lots of practice. The practice is the key to conquer the main paper of the APPSC.

Concentrate Areas of Study

The main areas to concentrate when it comes to the main paper of the APPSC are the laws, amendments, and judgments that were a trend. Also, the other areas of concentration in APPSC are the policies passed on by the Indian government and also the state government.

Decision Making

The other area that needs some brushing up is decision making. The materials are available online. It consists of books and revising materials.

Planning and Execution 

After a tedious study, it is important to have a proper plan. Hence planning the study routine is important to save time and be covered in all topics. The execution part is easy if the base and the planning part is done properly. Hence planning the preparation process for APPSC exam is a mandatory part.


The practice is always been everyone’s advice to any kind of endeavor.  The practice is important even in exams too. Taking mock exams and practicing the previous year question will be of great assistance. There are many materials available on websites. There are also screening tests and mock tests available on the internet for APPSC. Taking those tests will help in practicing the exam patterns thereby making it familiar with the exam environment.

Appsc Examination Syllabus

There are two papers which are main examination and preliminary examination.

Under the preliminary examination, the candidate of APPSC has two papers. As said above there are paper one and paper two. The first paper consists of general knowledge questions and the second paper consists of law, amendments and social issues.

The syllabus for both the papers is available at the websites.

Main Examination Syllabus

APPSC main exam syllabus has five papers. However the basic needs qualification in English and Telugu papers. The other four papers have specifications in various subjects to test the knowledge of the candidate.

The paper one consists of a general essay. Paper 2 consists of topics like culture, history, and geography specified to the state of Andhra Pradesh. Paper 3 consists of testing the candidate’s social awareness. Thus it contains politics, law, governance, etc all related to the government and state. Paper 4 tests the economic details of the state and the nation. The paper 5 test the science knowledge of the candidate thus having questions about science and technology. All in total the main paper tests the candidate’s complete knowledge of almost every field including history, science, geography and economics. Hence the applicant preparing for the APPSC exam has to learn all the topics and prepare meticulously to cover every topic.


The interview is as usual. It consists of face to face evaluation of the candidate by asking questions testing the candidate’s efficiency for the posts. The interview board consists of three or four members to interview the candidates. The candidates are asked a series of questions which are basically regional affairs and also about the candidate’s ability to work well and effectively in their respective posts and also how well the candidate executes the policies of the government in their fields. It is also good to take mock interviews to get practice in this area.

As most candidates face a struggle in answering authorities directly a mock interview of the APPSC will be useful in relieving the tension. Practicing to answer the questions with confidence and honesty is important. The authorities meet thousands of candidates every time. So they are much trained in analyzing the candidates. It will be very useful to practice at first.

After all this meticulous preparation it makes the qualification of APPSC exam easy to crack.

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