How to Crack Chartered Accountant Entrance Exam?

CA Exam

This is a big such question and task to do for all CA aspirants. Due to the high examination level of CA, most aspirants find tough to get passed in the exam, sometimes students will failure on the first attempt. Passing at the first attempt is not the easiest task to solve the papers, there are more reasons are behind on the failure students. For a good and bright career, a student should pass on the first attempt on CA entrance exam, if not they passed they will find difficulty on career growth. Here take a look at the examination patterns and tricks to crack the CA entrance exam at your best level.

Tips for Accounting and Non-Accounting Students to Prepare for the CA Exam

CPT is the Entrance Examination, a student who registered on CPT exam after 10th standard they have to appear on the exam after completing their higher secondary examination. Within the period of 60 days from the finished higher secondary exam, CPT exam will be conducted by ICAI. You have to enhance your memory and concentration power from high school to get passed on the CPT exam.

Tips for Science Background Students

If you are an aspirant totally belong to the science background studies and blank about accounting, you should not worry about it. If you are proficient in mathematics and other related subjects you can also have the ability to pass in CA entrance Exam. Read the following tips well and prepare your studies according to the steps to get passed in the exam.

  • Mathematics

Before all, you have to make your mind clear and calm to done mathematical problems. Go through about all chapters in General Mathematics and Statistics, note down all the topics and tricks on your method. Try to cover most of the syllabus and be sure about the weight of syllabus and patterns well on the ordered list and practice it wisely. Work with full dedication and self-confidence to clarify and simplify all the problems.

Tips to Get Prepared According to Subjects

  • Economics

If you have the ability to understand the concept, you can score good marks in the entrance exam. You might have a question about how to crack ca entrance exam by only studying about the economic subject. But it is a basic thing to understand the conceptual questions and to increase the concentration power. An important factor of the subject is to understand the concept and answer, even for the variants questions shoot in different directions. Concentrate on Microeconomics first and then read macroeconomics later to do a smart work along with the hard work.

  • Mercantile Law

The law of subject can easy to read, but you have to understand the cases mentioned in the laws by reading at least twice. If you have the ability to crack the kinds of stuff in the law you will shine as a brilliant and you have the ability to get passed on entrance exams.

  • Accounts

If you are already acquainted with the fundamentals of accounts, you will find easy to score on the CA CPT exam. On the CA entrance exam, accounting is the mark-fetching topic so you have to cover entire the topics related to Accounting.  Be clear on the concept of different accounting topics and make sure to learn entire format, fundamental accounting principles to apply to the account.

  • Quantitative Aptitude test

Some student will find this subject as the toughest thing, but if you are good at math and statistics you can solve the problems. Even developing your mind to solve these problems will make you shine on your CA career. Concentrate on Statistics than Math by understanding and work out the conceptualizing lies between theoretical distributions, integration, regression, differentiation and correlation, averages.

Marks to Score on Exam

There are 4 subjects will be divided into two sections on the first battle, you have to clear it among 200 total multiple choices given in the exam. You have to score at least 50% to attain the best result or if you want to get passed on the exam score 30% from the 200 questions. Don’t think to select a wrong answer for a question, if you did it you have to pay the penalty of 0.25 marks from the corrected right answer. Don’t try to fill all the questions and don’t lose your earned mark from negative mark scored.

Tips to Crack the Coding CA Entrance Exam

Before going to know the studying method, make sure why you want to pursue CA post and analyze the reasons behind it. Go through about the rules and conditions to follow on CA entrance exam, register for the entrance exam and pay the cash to attend the exam through online or offline. Take a look on the below content to have an idea about how to crack ca entrance exam.

Study Materials

Once you registered on CPT exam, ICAl will supply voluntarily the study material needs to study and get passed in CA entrance exam at the first attempt.   Check out the model papers available on the internet and official website. Else take a mock test by your own and test your capacity and eligibility to score on the exams. An aspirant should undergo several mock tests to read and learned more about the questions, conception things to get qualified on the CA CPT exam.

Reading Tips

Read the theoretical papers fast within a certain period of time, and then read out it again slowly to comprehend the entire topics. Follow this method to finish your theory papers and take time to study for practical paper preparation. You have to know the conceptual thing to clear the practical papers read slowly to understand the concept. Take an attempt to answer all the questions to test your ability on your own. Even you may take a test from the book back questions, and then you have to value your answer sheet. Put a tick for the correct answer and put across for wrong answers after than value about your right answers and wrong answers calculate your mark according to the negative marks. Know your weakness from the test and get revised through about the subject well at the same time concentrate on the strongest subject to score more.

Make a Schedule

Once you complete reading the study materials, divides your period of time before the exam to prepare the methods of how to crack ca entrance exam. Schedule your time for revision; you might take the first attempt of mock test after studying the materials. Not down the incorrect answers on the first attempt and concentrate more time on the weakest area. But go through over all the chapters from entire subjects and prepare yourself to get fully-versed to clear most of the questions than the first attempt.

Practice yourself to study the materials by referring the past year questions and ensure about the question pattern and experience the difficulties in every model papers. Else you may prefer to join the CA coaching institute to get more crewed about the knowledge of CA entrance exam subjects. Make yourself ready, don’t have any negative thoughts on your mind to face the exam, be positive and spread the positive vibration for people who all surround you. Be self-confident to face the exam don’t get fear; it makes you forget about the things which you have already studied.

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