How to Crack Kerala Public Service Commission exam?

Kerala Public Service Commission

Are you preparing for Kerala PSC exams? Then this article is for you. People are interested to choose Government job than any other normal job, the reason behind is job security.

The government job gives more respect than other specialized industrial jobs. This is the main reason thousands of candidates participating in Kerala Public Service Commission Exams.

Just participating in the KPSC exam is not enough to succeed in the exam. One must have clear planning and also the proper training is necessary to win in the competitive exams. Instead of hard work, think brilliant and prepare in a smart way to achieve success in a short period of time.

Many people preparing for the exam with the help of coaching centers and many are preparing at their home. The important constraint is time.

Healthy Tips to clear KPSC EXAMS

You can choose any method but make a proper plan, utilize it and start to prepare for KPSC exams. Here are some healthy tips for clearing the Kerala Public Service Commission Exam without stress and too much tension.

Usually, in Kerala PSC exam, the questions are objective type. The correct answer carries one mark and the wrong answer has negative marking. So be careful in choosing the answer. Once you are very confident about the answer choose the choice.

In competitive exams, most of the topics are been covered. So give importance to each topic and get adequate knowledge in the same subject. Plan to dedicate at least 8-10 hours a day.

In Kerala Public Service Commission, one should secure above 70% of marks will get good posting. Be prepared for the exam and rock.

Know your Syllabus

First, know the syllabus pattern of KPSC exams. Before you start to prepare for the exam it is essential to know about the syllabus and the content required for preparing KPSC.

Test your knowledge by resolving previous year question papers and know your capacity of knowledge in the topics. This will help you to find which topic must be concentrated more and also the question type.

The high competitions in KPSC exam need well-planned preparation to cross the timeline. Be sincere, be serious, focus on the subject, concentrate on the question, read the questions twice and understand it clearly then select the suitable choice of answer.

 Planning & Time Management

The systematic planning helps you to achieve the goal in your KPSC. Make a time table schedule, plan accordingly, and try to finish the topic as per the schedule without time delay and skipping of the chapters.

Search on the net regarding the questions related to the studied topic, fix the time chart and try to solve it with more confidence. Wherever you feel that you are lagging keep an eye, study the weak topics and solve the questions once again.

This continuous revision and mock test definitely helps you to understand the subject knowledge and helps in Time Management in KPSC exams.

Mock Test & Continuous Revision

For the competitive exams, the syllabus will be more. People start to prepare for 2 months or more than that. It is necessary to revise the topic.

Practice can make the man everything possible, so study well and start to do practicing with the topics and questions related to the chapters.

The practice in revision and solving the papers helps you to understand the type of questions and chapters to be covered at the same time it helps for time management.

While you prepare for the Kerala PSC exam, make short notes on topics and the subject that will help you during revision times and increases your memory power. This method is very important when you are eager to clear the Kerala Public Service Commission exams.

English Section Preparation

In Kerala PSC exam the English section also carries marks. Try to get a simple grammar workbook and solve it. If possible Google about English section of KPSC and start to prepare accordingly.

Keep concentrating on subject and subject knowledge helps you to attend any questions. BE focus; be confident in answering the question.

Never be in dilemma during KPSC exam as the exam has negative marking too. Never allow the chance to lose the marks.

Be Fit & Stay Healthy

The candidates prepare for KPSC and fell sleepless before the exam it creates mental stress and destroys their mood totally. Tiredness and improper sleep will affect their health during exam time.

It is advisable to schedule the time and be prepared for the exam. Eat healthily and stay healthy improves physical and mental health. Drink enough water and follow a good diet during KPSC preparation.

Avoid smoking, drinking, mental stress, and physical tiredness. This may be the hurdle for your preparation. Be confident, be bold and start preparing for the exam with fresh moods and fresh ideas. The exam is your dream and helps to achieve the goal in your life.

Try to avoid late night sleep and start to prepare by wake up early in the morning. Morning fresh air, fresh mind helps to increase the memory power and willingness.

If possible to mediation before start to prepare your studies. The mediation helps to bring the mind and soul in a standard level which in turn helps to improvise your knowledge and memory power.

Proceed to the KPSC Exam hall without fear

Do remember the following steps, before you process to the exam hall

  • Try to cover all the topics and all the chapters.
  • So far you are prepared well for the exam.
  • Now with the help of short notes start revision at least before a week of Kerala PSC
  • Once you prepared all the chapters’ well, try to solve the previous year question papers as well.
  • Check for the timing you solved the paper if there is any lagging in solving the questions try to set the timing and rewrite the test. Make sure you can complete the test within the time limit.
  • Before the day of the exam never concentrate on new topics, that may confuse your previous chapters or make you be in stress.
  • Go to bed early on the day of before exam and wake up early in the morning.
  • Have a fresh breath get ready for the KPSC exams and never do any revision or check old question papers or study new topics.
  • Get ready; check for your belongings like admit card, pen, pencil, etc.
  • Leave the mobile phone in your house for better safety. As the exam center doesn’t allow mobile phone inside. Leaving the phone outside the hall is not safe.
  • Once you get your question paper, never be hurry in answering. Take time to understand the question at the same moment doesn’t take too time on a single question that may lag your overall timing.
  • Read the questions as well, check for the answers in the objective and choose the correct opt. Be confident and don’t be fear or tensed inside the exam hall.
  • Too much of tension and fear leads to mark wrong answers and you give chance to lose the marks for the known questions.
  • Once you are not sure about the answer leave that question as the exam has negative marking. So think twice before you leave a question.

Be aware, be confidence, Be Bold and don’t be fear or stress to proceed to the KPSC exam. All the best!! The day is yours.

We are sure this article from CareerJobs360 will help you to understand about Tip to have victory in the Kerala PSC exams.

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