How to Crack Punjab Public Service Commission Exam?

Punjab Public Service Commission ExamMost of the aspirants have the dream to seat in a government job to get the prestigious image and permanent work assurance. Are you an aspirant looking for the PPSC exam for different c government job positions? Do you know the time of resurging in PPSC, have you know about the pieces of information of Punjab Public Service Commission? Here from this article get the evaluated answers for the question and gather pieces of information about PPSC. Know the syllabus of Punjab state for service exams and get prepare to crack the public service exam with the great marks.

About PPSC functioning

PPSC – Punjab Public Service Commission is getting rejuvenation in February 1948, authorized by Punjab state government. PSCP – Public Service Commission of Punjab conducts the civil service exam for the eligible people to recruit in a suitable government job. PPSC exams considered as an entry-level pass to get an opportunity to seat in any one of the positions in various Punjab Civil Services of State Punjab. At the Patiala in Punjab, Head office of Punjab PSC is located; they are the authority professionals to select the best suitable candidates for various Punjab government jobs.

Eligibility Required Attending Punjab PSC Exam


  • An aspirant must be a Citizen of India will get priority; else they should be a citizen of Bhutan or Nepal.
  • A Candidate applying for PCS exam must get permanently settle in India even they are migrated from the specified countries mentioned in the application are eligible. But they should be a candidate of Indian Origin.
  • A candidate who is get certified and issued by the Government of Punjab to eligibility to attend the exam can apply.
  • Candidates who are not a citizen of India but looking for an opportunity to attend PSC exam, they should get eligibility certificate from the Department of Justice and Home affairs under Punjab State Government.
  • If a candidate belonging to the upper categories but they are not a citizen of India, has some rules to apply for Punjab PSC exam.


  • There are different age criteria are available on PPSC exam to attend for certain Public Service posting. Commonage criteria to candidates applying for PPSC exam should be in ages between 21 to 38 years. Here the differentiation of age criteria is discussed below.
  • The age limit of Punjab Police Service and Punjab Prison Service exam should be in a maximum of 27 years. Relaxation period of Public service for the candidates who are belonged to Scheduled Caste, Scheduled tribe cast and other backward classes of Punjab citizen is 5 year from the upper age limit.
  • A candidate should have age Limit maximum of 45 years with at least 4 years experience on the suitable vacant industry is applicable to apply for Punjab Government Employee postings.
  • The Punjab Government offers a great opportunity for women, a women candidate can be applied for the civil service exam under the age limit of 45 years.
  • Even Ex-serviceman of Punjab domicile is also eligible to apply for the PPSC exam; their age will be calculated by reducing their number of servicing a year from the above-mentioned age limit.

Education Qualification

  • An aspirant should hold a bachelor degree from a recognized university or college.
  • An applicant must have certification of passed in Punjab Metric exams else they should hold other equivalent studies.
  • Candidates who are going to get graduated on the time of examination will also applicable to apply.

Exam Pattern of PPSC exam

Before going to know the tips to study, you should understand the exam pattern and syllabus to score. Syllabus of civil service exam will differ according to the state government, you have to refer the appropriate syllabus to get qualify in Punjab Public Service Commission exams. The Prelim exam of Punjab PSC will be conducted by two different sections; they are the Civil Services Aptitude Test and General Studies paper.

  • Paper 1: General Studies carries 200 marks; there will be 100 multitudes of options will be provided for 100 questions. You should complete the test within the time allotment of 2 hrs.
  • Paper 2: Civil Service Aptitude Test (CSAT) – carries 200 marks, number of 80 questions will be held on the paper. You should answer the questions within 2 hrs allotted time.

List of Books to Prepare for PPSC Exam

According to the base of the exam pattern, there are 8 sections of subject questions are flowing in the papers. You should have basic knowledge about NCERT to clear the prelims questions in the exam, the next is social knowledge you should have detailed record about the events happened in Punjab from the historic part up to the current affairs.

Get the syllabus of UPSC and PPSC from online; else you may prefer to undergo a coaching class to get aware of the syllabus. You may refer model question papers of PPSC from online to know the level of questions. You should have knowledge about quality trusted newspaper and social magazines related to release Punjab Government Updates.

Tips for Preparing for PPSC Exam

Aspirants of UPSC IAS Civil service exam will not find difficult to solve PCS Punjab exam, they will crack the questions easily and scored high marks than the Aspirants of PCS. Generally, while comparing the PCS Punjab exam with other state exams, it is easiest to crack. But aspirant of PCS should concentrate on a specific subject to be away from losing marks in exams. Take a look at the need of time investment on the specified subject during the preparation of the PPSC exam is listed below.

The PCS aspirant must be aware of the full knowledge of History and Geographical records to their corresponding state. Also, they must know about the insurance marketing and financial status of their country.

An aspirant should have the quality of delivering a speech and writing content in English as a professional employee. They should give a speech about a topic with the good fluency of English and their state language.

Gain Knowledge to answer for verbal and non-verbal questions in the exam and interview. The benefit of PPSC exam is there is no negative marks will be applicable for wrong answers. Read and learn many books to have knowledge about Political Science, Geography studies, technology development, recent updates of technology and its advantages, polity, and updated news of political science of a country.

Schedule Your Time

You must prepare for the exam as soon as before you can, take multiple mock tests in a day to know your preparation level. Value the paper by yourself to know your mistakes, categorize the number of right answers and wrong answers. Tabulate the wrong answers from Punjab Civil Services, and know your weakness to improve your concentration on the subjects.

Schedule your time based on your known and unknown topics, spend more time on unknown topics to get a score. You have to finish reading the full syllabus at least once, and then take a mock test to finish within the allotted time. Be prepared for your test, you should know the questions of PPSC Exams will not go exceed than the syllabus of UPSC and PPSC. Be confident about yourself and face the exam with self-confident, don’t get fear to attend the exam. Avoid tension on the exam hall and spread the positive vibration to finish the exam within the time.

We are sure this article from CareerJobs360 will help you to understand about Tip to have victory in the Punjab Public Service Commission Exam.

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