How to Crack SSC CHSL Exam

How to Crack SSC CHSL Exam

SSC CHSL (Staff Selection Commission for Combined Higher Secondary Level Examination) is a premier recruitment exam were all youngsters busy in preparing and attending the exam for their future career.

The specialization of CHSL is the candidate who attends this exam doesn’t need any graduation, just a minimum eligibility criterion of class 12 is enough for appearing SSC CHSL Exam that’s the reason it’s more popular among youngsters.

Nowadays the competition level is high due to the vast number of applicants. SSC CHSL is lucrative among government jobs as it offers job security, wonderful package, retirement benefits, and medical facilities.

The serious preparation for SSC CHSL gives fruitful benefit in the result and also for the respective future career. Here are some important tips to be utilized for the preparation.

Know the SSC CHSL Pattern

All questions of CHSL exam are multiple choice questions that are purely based on an online pattern. The SSC CHSL exam covers the following division. So be prepared based on the marks and the pattern.

Division I: The question paper has a total of 100 MCQs (Multiple Choice Questions) with a total of about 200 marks where each question carries 2 marks. The total time given is just 75 minutes i.e. 1 hour 15 minutes.

Division II: It’s a written test contains a question type of essay, letter writing and report writing. The total marks allotted for this division is 100. All you need to do is write the answer like a paragraph model.

Division – III: This pattern has purely skill based model questions have to be answered in an analytical and logical way.

Know Your SSC CHSL Syllabus

Before you start your preparation it is essential to know the syllabus and identify the strong subject as well as about the subject needs to be concentrated more. Based on the requirement make the proper scheduled time table and start preparing for SSC CHSL exam.

It is recommended to concentrate more on strong areas and extra care and preparation for weak areas. Try to avoid unnecessary topics which are not relevant to CHSL exam.

Important topics to be covered for SSC CHSL exam study materials are quantitative aptitude, logical reasoning, analytic reasoning, Basic of English & English Grammar, general knowledge and general awareness.

Prepare for SSC CHSL Exam Untiringly

Make sure that you have a detailed explanation of above-said topics with the latest version. If you are not sure to be ready to buy it, always focus on the easy way of understanding materials that help to remember the relevant topic in an easy manner.

Once you are ready with the pattern, books, and materials, be ready to make a scheduled plan of time table for the preparation of SSC CHSL Exam.

A proper plan, a proper execution, and a proper revision help to achieve success in a short period of time. Excelling of this exam without proper preparation and coaching is impossible to achieve success.

Execution of the Scheduled Pattern

Once you are ready with the material and time table, start to prepare for the CHSL exam untiringly.

Spend approximately morning one and half hour and evening at least 2 hours to cover the syllabus.

Once you start to prepare for the exam make a short note on topics you covered every day. This will help you in revision time.

Make sure that you cover all the topics in your syllabus. Never leave any chapters are topic relevant to the syllabus according to the time table.

Read the daily English newspaper to improve English and GK knowledge. This surely helps you in CHSL exam preparation.

Make sure you cover GK and English topics daily according to your time table schedule.

Study Accordingly

If you are genius in Mathematics, then plan for alternate day preparation of Mathematics and concentrate more on weak subjects.

If you are weak in Mathematics, add Mathematics preparation in your daily preparation. When you feel bored on continuous preparation, switch to the easiest topic.

Try to find the easiest shortcut methods for quantitative and logical reasoning techniques. This will save your time and increase memory power.

When you feel difficulty in finding the answers for your questions, take online helps and find the easiest solving method by Google it.

Solve the Previous year Questions

Once you are ready with the preparation of your study material. Collect the old and previous year question papers and start to solve the questions with a time limit.

Do check regularly about the knowledge of your answers and find out which topic you are weak and which need to be concentrated more.

With the help of the internet try to practice more online test that helps to clear the SSC CHSL exam in an easy way.

Practice the questions and materials

Practices make the exam easier in understanding the SSC CHSL and answer the question with appropriate timing. So be prepared and make a short note for practicing purpose.

Practice minimizes the errors and helps to understand the flow of the questions in the live exam. Do regular MOC test relevant to the topics and chapters to be covered for the CHSL exam.

Important Health tips

Don’t strain too much before the day of the exam. Don’t ever concentrate on new topics on the day before the exam that may confuse your previous preparations.

On the day of the exam have healthy food. Don’t ever skip the food before going to the exam hall. You may feel weak and stress if you are not having food on the CHSL exam day.

During exam preparation, drink sufficient water, eat healthy food and start to prepare for the exam with full brisk. Don’t be panic.

Prepare Previous year Question Papers

Once you prepared well for the exam take full portion test and check for the timing you take to complete the exam. If possible take 3 to 4 test for preparation.

Once you finished the test, check for the scores. Now start to revise whole chapters from first before a week of the exam.

With the help of short notes, start the revision and concentrate more on the weak subject. Once the revision is complete take one fuller portion test and check your marks and mistakes. Make sure your marks are more than your previous MOC test.

Best Healthy Tips for Exam Preparation

Avoid smoking, drinking, mental stress, and physical tiredness during the preparation of the CHSL Exam. Start every day with a fresh mood and full energy. Try to avoid late night study.

Always wake up fresh early in the morning around 4 o clock and start to prepare for the exam. Morning fresh air increases your energy level and also the memory power.

Try to start the day with simple yoga and meditation. This helps to make your body fit and perfect. If possible to mediation before you start to prepare your studies.

On the day of SSC CHSL Exam

Before the day of the exam, go to bed early and wake up in the morning with a fresh mood. Don’t ever be tensed or confused on the day of the SSC CHSL exam.

Get ready for the exam with all your belonging and proceed to the exam hall without tension. Read the question twice before answering and confirm that the questions are correct and answers are accurate.

Don’t be tensed or shivered in the CHSL exam hall. Too much tension may lead to choosing the wrong answer for the known question. So be careful, concentrate and answer properly.

Best of Luck for best result!!!

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