How to Crack SSC JE Exam?


Who doesn’t want a safely settled career with good pay and government job? While some strive for excellence and entrepreneurship some people are much preplanned and decide to live a peaceful and calm life. Indeed it is a relaxed job at the government level. Still, it has its own pros and cons. There are various criteria and eligibility for one to get into a government job, especially when it comes to a central government job.

All about the SSC JE Exam

The staff selection commission is a selection board which functions to mainly choose candidates for various sectors of a government job vacancy. The main purpose of this board is to choose suitable and capable candidates for the post. In order to do this, the staff selection commission conducts examinations for various posts and selects candidates according to their marks scored in the exams. These exams help to test the eligibility and capability of a candidate for that particular posting.

The SSC JE exam is conducted for the recruitment of junior engineer post which is one of the prestigious Central Government Jobs. It is conducted by the SSC at Pan India level every year.

This recruitment is done by offering post eligible candidates who are the SSC JE (junior engineer). They get posted in various Government Organisations or Departments according to their subject line and requirement raised by each department respectively.  This job is mainly for engineering graduates. Various engineering graduates get selected for miscellaneous jobs according to their area of specialization in engineering. For example, a computer engineer will get posted in any computer or software based position and a mechanical engineer will get posting in mechanical work based position.

Eligibility Criteria for SSC JE Exam

The eligibility criteria are very simple to attend the SSC JE exam. It requires an engineering graduate with specialization in any course of engineering that suits the position.  Provided some job post require experience in certain fields and those candidates will have to show proof of work during submission of certificates.

The following must be strictly followed by candidates appearing for the SSC JE exam

  • For posts requiring degree or diploma the candidate possessing eligibility shall submit the suitable certificates from the concerned authorities
  • For posts which require experience, the candidate shall show the proof of work showing experience after the completion of their degree or diploma.
  • There is also a rule imposed As per the university grants commission the ODL (Open and Distance Learning) Regulations. The rule states that from 2017 there must be no open and distant learning programs under engineering.
  • When called for documents verification it is required to produce the relevant certificates in original. The certificates include Mark sheets and degree certificates etc as proof of having acquired the minimum educational qualification. Certificates showing experience may also be needed for posting which requires experience criteria. If the candidate fails to submit original and relevant documents the candidature of such candidate will be canceled by the Commission.

Salary Details for SSC JE

New Pay = (Basic pay as on 1st January 2016 * 2.57) + All allowances offered to the post

The pay of Junior Engineer falls under the Level-6 of pay matrix of 7th pay commission is Rs.35400 to 112400/- with effect from 5th January 2018 to 08th January 2018. The total in hand salary of SSC JE as per the new commission will be Rs. 44,000 per month including all the other allowances. The allowances include dearness, medical, house rent, traveling, and other special allowances.

Work Responsibilities of SSC JE (Junior Engineer)

A selected candidate will be recruited as a Junior Engineer. He or she will be given charge of a section in the respective allocated organizations. They will be given responsibilities accordingly.  It basically involves making note of the present day work to give work allotment for the next day to laborers. The other responsibilities include.

  • Supervision: the initial stage work of the junior engineer is to know the functions and supervise the laborers.
  • Planning: the planning includes making plans and estimates from a repair or renovation work. Under this, a junior engineer will need to make an exhaustive plan for flagship activities carried out by their section.
  • Accounts: under this responsibility, a junior engineer will be allotted with the task of maintaining the stock of their section. And along with that passing bills for work done by the contractor or for any expenditure incurred by the section is also included.
  • Scheme Execution: the junior engineer has to ensure that he or she will execute the various schemes implemented by the government.
  • Assisting Superiors: junior engineers are the superiors of their section. All the work briefing required for the section will be taken from the Junior Engineer only. any sensitive an important work has to be reported to the higher superiors on a daily basis.

Preparing for SSC JE Exam

A few bulletins to keep in mind while preparing for  SSC JE exam.  The SSC JE exam can be cracked with few methods and some preparation strategies. These will help the candidate to crack the SSC JE exam with ease.

  • Go through the syllabus keenly and note down the important chapters. This is an important step as it will help the candidate to know what to be prepared. No topic is to be unturned. Every topic must be known to a certain extent at least.
  • Noting down ones weak subject areas is also a good study method. It is vital to know about the subject and it also equally important to know about what are the areas the candidate is weak at. For example, some may find it difficult to do mathematical calculations. Hence working on it will help in solving the quantitative and logical sections of the paper.
  • Noting important key points is important for any last minute study preparations. Revising these little notes in the last minute will refresh the memory.
  • Have a well structured and appropriate study material. Study materials are the key to success. All toppers and others who have cracked the exams have had proper study materials to ponder on.
  • Reviewing toppers and others who have already cracked the SSC JE exam. Refer toppers and other candidates who are about to appear for the SSC JE exam. There are also online study notes available to help candidates with the exam preparations.
  • Make sure that there are no backlogs related to study topics. Any doubts must be clarified immediately. There must be no ommissions of topics as the questions are petty unpredictable. So leaving behind topics will not be a good option. Consulting superiors or any experienced coaches will be good.
  • Time management is key. One should know how to manage time for preparations. The candidate might practice solving previous year papers to keep track of time. Conduct self-evaluation and mock exams.
  • Since SSC JE will be made online it is good to practice the online test series to make it familiar with the pattern of the exam. It is available in coaching centers.
  • Stay updated and keep track of all the social happenings in the nation. It is also basic to keep general knowledge fresh.
  • Practice short cuts and tricks to solve mathematical and analytical questions to crack SSC JE exam.

We are sure this article from CareerJobs360 will help you to understand about Tip to have victory in the SSC JE.

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