How to Crack SSC MTS Exam?


SSC MTS exam is being conducted by the Staff Selection Commission. It is an exam conducted between 2nd August 2019 and 06th September 2019. The SSC MTS exam is a gateway for recruitment of Non-technical staff in government sector for the huge post of General Central Service Group “C” Non-Gazette, Non-Ministerial post in various Ministries/Departments/ offices of Union Territories, State & Central Government Departments.

You have ample time to prepare that helps to make assure your name in the merit list. The section-wise preparation tips & tricks help in holding the best rank in the merit list. Here is the detailed information about the SSC MTS Exam & preparation tips.

Exam Pattern & Selection Process

There are two steps on the selections process: (1) Written Exam (2) Skill test

  • Written Examination: Paper- I will have objective MCQ type (Multiple Choice Questions).
  •  Skill Test: The candidates who cleared paper-I are eligible to appear for paper-II skill set.

Exam Pattern

The SSC MTS pattern model has two papers:  Computer-based examination (Paper – I) and a descriptive paper (Paper- II).

The duration of Paper- I exam pattern for normal candidates is 2 hours and for handicapped it is 2 hours 40 minutes whereas for paper –II 30 minutes for normal candidates and for handicapped candidates it is 45 minutes.

The total number of objective question on Paper – I is 100 questions. Each carries one mark for the right answer and 0.25 marks for the wrong answer.

The duration for Paper-II is 30 minutes with the maximum marks of 50. The candidate qualified in Paper-I will be called for Paper- II.

If you are interested to appear for this SSC MTS exam, apply online through on or before 29th May 2019.

Know Your Syllabus & Practice with Section-Wise

Paper- I hold the syllabus of 4 parts that include general intelligent & reasoning, numerical aptitude, general awareness & General English.

General Intelligence & Reasoning: To prepare for general intelligence one must cover the syllabus related to the areas of space visualization, analysis, judgment visual memory, problem-solving, arithmetic series, non-verbal series, and figure classification.

The questions on general intelligence are designed to test the candidate’s ability, abstraction ideas, symbols and relationship, logical thinking, and analytical functions.

From this question point of view, it is clear that hard work never works outs well, a kind of smart work helps to clear the quantitative skills efficiently and grab a lead in the merit list of SSC MTS.

Tips & Tricks to Prepare & Attempt General Intelligence Section

  • Start with an easier topic and favorite topic that ensures enthusiastic in your preparation.
  • Make a regular practice of everyday study plan in morning and evening.
  • When you start your preparation make short notes on each topic and important notes in a separate color.
  • Stick with your time management plan and never exceed the time limit for preparation.
  • Failure in time management plan ends up with rush up of subject in last minute preparation.
  • Once you finish up with your general intelligence section, do proper revisions with flexible time plan.
  • Try to collect previous year question papers through the internet or friends circle and do regular Mock test practice.
  • Mock test helps to find the best time calculation management and regular practice on questions type.
  • Once you finish off your Mock test, value your marks with the available answer keys.
  • Your score helps to find the weaker subject section, now take time to concentrate more on that particular area and start practicing once again for the best output.
  • Once you appeared for an exam never stick on one question for a long time. If you are unclear about the answer skip the question and move on to the next question to save your time.
  • SSC MTS section is quite easier than other sections of exams. So be confident and clear in your answers.

Part B: Numerical Aptitude

This is paper- I syllabus include the questions related to mathematics and accounts. You need to cover the chapter related to number system, decimal, fraction, fundamental arithmetic operations, menstruation, profit and loss, discount, time and work, ratio and time, ratio and proportion, use of tables and graphs, and computation of whole numbers.

According to the SSC MTS exam pattern, you must concentrate more on these topics and do regular work out will helps to clear the problems in a short time.

If you take time to understand the questions, then you are unable to complete the whole set of question paper within a time limit.

Do regular practice and daily work out to learn the mathematical problems and solve in a brilliant way. Practice makes the man perfect, so regular practice helps to understand the problem and clear in a short period of time.

Once you finish learning all the chapters, work out the previous year question papers with time limitation and start to solve the papers. Once you are done, do the correction with the keys.

This will definitely help to clear paper- I easily and helps to score good marks in SSC MTS.

Tips & Tricks to Prepare & Attempt Numerical Aptitude

  • It is a pure mathematical prepare. Mathematics is an allergy for many candidates. If you are confident and strong in this section, it is quite easy to score marks and find the best rank in the merit list.
  • Start learning from basic; write the formula of each chapter and find short cut methods for preparation, this strengthens your overall process.
  • Make conceive a version of keynotes and spot the key terms that are emphasized in the syllabus.
  • This method works out well to score good marks in Numerical Aptitude.
  • Once you are done with preparation, practice with previous year question paper & check your score.
  • Find the weakest area and start concentration more on the weaker area in order to secure good marks in numerical aptitude.
  • During examination don’t stick on the same some for a longer duration.
  • Remember the shortcut tricks that will be a lifeline and time saver during the exam.

Part C: English Language

It’s a pure general English preparation that consists of Basics of English Language, Vocabulary, sentence, tense, grammar, synonyms and antonyms. In this general English section, the ability and English level of communications are tested.

So learning alone is not enough for this pattern, a regular training and objective type questions must be practiced to clear this SSC MTS Exam.

In the case of grammar, the options given in the multiple choice questions seems to be correct matching but regular practice only helps to understand the grammar clearly.

Part-D: General Awareness

The questions of general awareness related to the environment and its application. All questions purely based on present awareness and events of everyday matters.

The questions are designed to cover the area of India, neighboring countries the matters related to history, culture, sports, geography, space research, scientific research, and special activities.

Tips & Tricks to Prepare & Attempt General Awareness

  • Focus on the static portion, read current affairs and cover topics related to history, geography, economics, politics, science, space, politics and basics of the constitution.
  • A regular reading of daily newspaper and daily news helps to find the best result in the preparation of general awareness.
  • During an examination, read the questions properly and find out the best opt answer that you feel correct. Remember that a negative mark carries 0.25 minus in your total. Better be careful in choosing the correct answer.
  • Never be too late in the exam hall, while entering, submitting the paper and leaving the center.
  • Don’t be hurry!! Be on time or just before half an hour to avoid finding your exam hall & your belongings.
  • Leave your mobile at your house for safety and security. Exam center doesn’t allow mobile inside the hall.
  • Read the question properly, answer promptly. Never be in dilemma to choose the answer.
  • Never skip the questions lead to finding difficulty in holding rank in the merit list.

Once you cleared with the cut off Paper- I, you will be called for appearing Paper-II pattern which is pure offline and descriptive in nature.

The above tips & tricks help to score the best rank in the merit list. SSC MTS exam is quite easier than other exams. So be confident and clear in your answer.

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