How to Crack VITEEE Exam?


Are you a new aspirant looking for possibilities and guidance to clear the VITEEE exam? Here the tips for you to prepare yourself ready to attend and crack the exam. No matters how your education and studying level, it matters the understanding and learning the quality of a student. Awake yourself to work hard to find the path of success from VITEEE exam. Read more this article to know the best strategies followed by the experts to crack the exam.

Eligibility Matters to Step on

To brighten up your path you have to step on the path and pave it for the next generation also, the first step to take on your path is checking the eligibility criteria. There are some eligibility criteria are drawn by Vellore Institute of Technology they are conducting this entrance exam to filter the eligible students to study under their institution from different places.

They are going to block the seats for students who are going to score above from the minimum marks of 60% marks from the subject of Physics, Biology/Mathematics, and chemistry in the entrance exam.

A Candidate should complete their higher secondary examination from specified New Delhi state board, ICSE and CBSE education firms under the recognized university/Board.  Even they give the permit for NIOS student to apply for this exam.

Nationality of an aspirant should be Indian/NRI/PIO/PCI holder; their age should be minimum age completed 17 to apply for the exam. It is a computer-based examination.

Steps next on Exam Pattern

After applying the VITEEE exam you have to check the exam pattern as the next step. Knowing the exam pattern is the right way to make a schedule for your preparation. Preparation methods for everyone will vary you have to estimate the power of your knowledge and make a plan. The questions from the Exam will be based on the topic of

  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Physics
  • Chemistry

The Exam will be conducted on every year the questions from the paper will be in the English language no other optional language is applicable. They have parted the exams timing into three sections and allotted time of 2 hours 30 minutes for each section. The question paper will contain 125 questions with the multiple choices each question carries one mark you have to answer the question within the allotted period of time. The negative Marking process is not applicable to this entrance exam.

Be Clear on the Exam Date

Exam conduction date will be the most important thing to be remembered. Create a preparation plan to fulfill within a short period of time before the exam arrivals. You might not find a possible way and time to solve the questions. You have to know the date of examination, result date, interview date to spend your time by using simple strategies.

The Aim With the Tricks and Tactics

Intensity is the thing which helps you to be confident of yourself to crack the exam. Be confident and attend the entire examination sessions. You have to take a proper analysis of the examination with the past year question paper as model papers. Analyze every section on the question paper to know the repeated questions are concept included in the paper that will predict you from the marks.

Prepare a Proper Schedule based on your way

You know how the way you can study easily and remember the concept later based on the way make a clear plan to relieve from stress and to attain great output. Create a chart with the time for studying, time for testing yourself and time to take revision. Allot a specified time to cover some specified concept it will help you to take concentration on studies don’t involve you to perform multi-tasking. You should take a relaxing time of intervals.

Refer the Referred Books

For VIT EEE exam they will announce the subjects from the specified referral books, you can check the details from the official website of a university. Keep yourself updated from the reference books and the updated details against the exam. Being updated about the exam will helps you to be aware of the additional information and changes made against the exam without worrying about the notifications.

Stick and Flow on the Syllabus Content

Once you have started to prepare for exam take short notes of what you have studied on paper or note as a hint to remember later. For the tough and difficult section from VITEEE syllabus create your own understanding method to learn and recall the concept on future. You’re thought and ideas should be stick on syllabus while preparing for the exam, you can divide the syllabus into two medium as easy and hard. Study the hardest thing first by taking some much time and then study easier topics.

Time Management Sounds on Your Performance

Maintaining a schedule of time for studying is not the easiest task you can take a better study plan by hours calculation for the preparation process. Time is the most precious thing to consider on VITEEE exam preparation, take a short period of time for studying and then take time to know your strength and weakness to come back, after that take few time to revise the portion of the syllabus.

Practice to Take the More Mock Test

Preparing for the exam is not enough to crack the exam after preparation takes some mock test to test your ability on subjects.  Practicing on the mock test will give the fluency on understanding and improves the time management to attend the exam. It helps you to prepare for the exam with better time management to answer the questions within the given period of time.

Revise and Remember in an Interesting Way

Remembering a thing on the interesting way will stay on the mind forever than memorizing a topic. On the preparation, you have to add hint and special quotes or interesting way to remember the topics covered under the section. Revising the studied thing is a necessary part to give fulfillment for your preparation. You need not revise as like studying you can use the taken notes as a key point to remember the studied materials.

Don’t Take Multi-Task During the Examination

You should take the revision process before the date of examination doesn’t study any subject reference materials at the time of examination. Studying a new material on the examination time will make you get stress and pave the path to forget the things in memory. You should not worry about the exam at the last minute.

Make Ready of Necessity Things

Before a day from the exam, you have to check and hold the items which are the necessity to bring for the examination hall. Don’t miss out any important thing to bring for the exam, use your hall admission ticket to enter into the exam. If you do not know to work on the computer you have to take some practice to work with the computer before the exam date.

Be Strong on Your Determination

Once you have studied the entire syllabus, don’t get confused from the others pieces of advice be sure on your thought after analyzing the truth. Don’t get panic to attend the exam use the system and your brain on the right way to achieve the goal of cracking the VITEEE exam. Be updated on the information uploaded on the official website to know VITEEE result.

We are sure this article from CareerJobs360 will help you to understand about Tip to have victory in the VITEEE Exam.

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