How to join Central Bureau of Investigation?

How to join Central Bureau of Investigation?

This world is a different place for those who have a keen sense of attention to details.  A dignified work that requires years of experience keen senses and a very brave heart. A place where the body mind and soul endurance is tested to its limits. Countless encounters with new life-changing experiences and innumerable sleepless nights are involved in this tough but bewildering job. A job where one’s own self teases oneself. Where the heart and mind are at constant war. Where the own self teases us. This is a work that is not for the weak hearted. So what it takes to join this enduring job. This is the CBI was talking about. The Central Bureau of Investigation. The name sends a rock bgm into every aspiring investigator’s nerves, doesn’t it? So what it takes to join CBI.

All about the classic dream job

The CBI or then Central Bureau of Investigation is the central investigating agency of India that handles the criminal cases and other unsolved devious cases. It currently Operates under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Personnel and Public Grievances. The CBI  agency is headed by the Director. It handles and investigates several crimes like special crimes, economic corruption and other conspicuousness cases.

The headquarters of this dignified agency is located at CGO Complex, near Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium in New Delhi.

What does it take to join CBI

The job of investigators is not that easy. It requires lots and lots of practice, a tough mind, and a stone heart. It takes more than just brains to join Central Bureau of Investigation. Keen senses, good listening, a very very tough personality, zero fear, and consistency. These are just a few of the qualities.

There are eyes of crime everywhere. These eyes follow peculiarities everywhere. Hence one must be able to be very invisible and secretive to do this job. There are various tests to be endeavored to join CBI.  One of the tests is the significance test.

The main purpose of this significance test is to test the endurance of the investigator.  Everyone would have felt at least once at the bottom of their heart that they are a born detective. However very few get to pass the gates of glory and join CBI.

Steps to pass through the gates of glory

Not everyone can join CBI unless they are good at guessing. But it is not all that is needed to join CBI. There are various endeavouring steps that need to be conquered to join CBI. It requires a basic bachelor’s degree in criminal justice or law enforcement or even any bachelor’s degree from a reputed institution to join CBI. An Experience in law enforcement is normally required but this varies with employers. The key skills apart from qualifications needed to join CBI include.

  • Keen perception skills
  • Good Leadership skills
  • Good Communication
  • Multitasking abilities
  • Endurance and Physical stamina
  • computer skills
  • Experience with some software for the management of crime scenes, information databases, and computer-aided drawings.

A CBI agent’s day routines

Bottom of Form

The job of an investigator involves works with a law enforcement agency. They may be called in for specific situations. The CBI officers collect evidence, analyze the facts in a criminal case. They perform general duties like interviewing witnesses, examining records of a case, observing suspects.

To CBI one must be able to work with investigators on a full-time basis with the likelihood of paid overtime. Toiling Shifts during the weekends and the night are common for those without seniority on a police force. It involves a lot of risks and hardships.

Career requirements to join CBI

Step 1: Earning a basic College Degree

The minimum age to join CBI is 20 to 30. The basic qualification to join Central Bureau of Investigation is a college degree from a certified institution. Investigators usually begin their and join CBI with a college degree or high school diploma. This happens only in some cases for some police officer positions. Many agencies require a college degree in criminal justice or law enforcement in a related field. Both associate’s and bachelor’s degree programs are available for people who want to join CBI. Students can also take courses in criminal law and criminology, human relations, judicial function, forensic science, and criminal procedure.

Various internship programmes are also given for those aspiring to join CBI.

Step 2: Complete exams

To become a group an officer and join CBI one must choose Civil Service Examination conducted by UPSC and become an IPS officer. To join CBI as Sub Inspector in one must go through SSC CGL examination. To become a Sub Inspector in Central Bureau of Investigation one must pass SSC Combined Graduate Level Exam.

Step 3: Develop Skills and Fitness

To join CBI one should maintain excellent physical and mental health. It can be done by engaging in regular exercise and fitness training. It better equips them for handling danger and stress. Aspirants must keep a sharp mind by brushing up on new techniques and technology. For example, studying details and courses about computer forensics can be extremely useful because of the increase in cybercrime.

To join CBI one must be very perceptive and observant to do their jobs. The aspirants must be very aware of things happening around and have an eye to details that are very minute.   Individuals should cultivate these skills while on the job and pay close attention to crime scenes and accidents and learn how to capture details in reports.

Step 4: Building Work Experiences

To join CBI candidates are typically are chosen from the exams and training thus, aspirants should express their dedication and interest towards the profession to join CBI. In some cases, the experience of service for at least three years might be required to join CBI.

Other standards to join CBI

To join CBI one must pass the Combined Graduate Level Examination (CGL) conducted by Staff Selection Commission (SSC) every year. You must wait for the next SSC CGL notification and prepare for the same. This exam is a four-tier examination which includes two online objective type exams and one descriptive type using pen and paper. The final stage of the exam is document verification.

Pay and salary scale

The salary scale of Sub Inspector in CBI is 9300 to 34800 Indian Rupees per month. The CBI Inspector lays within the Grade Pay of 4200 Rupees and the total in hand salary per monthlies around 44000 Indian Rupees.

Physical standards required to join CBI

To join CBI one should have following physical standards like minimum height and weight and eyesight. There are concessions for Women and tribal candidates. They have some relaxation on minimum physical requirements.


  • Men – 165 cm
  • Women – 150 cm
  • Height relaxation  for Hills-men and Tribal: 5 cm

Eye-sight requirements (with or without glasses):

  • Eye Distant vision: 6/6 in one eye and 6/9 in the other eye
  • Eye Near vision 0.6 in one eye and 0.8 in the other eye

Apart from these requirements, some other qualities are also required like patience, good communication skills, and ability to multitask, handle stress, handle pressure and have consistency in work. Strong will power and the bravery to face the risks and the terrific crime scenes are also required to join CBI. If one possesses all these qualities and has a good spirit and passion for the work it is sure that he/she could join CBI with ease.

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