How to Join Indian merchant navy?

merchant navy

The Navy Officer has skills altogether aspects of the Navigation of ships, merchandise handling operations and storage, ship stability, ship maneuvering and ship management. It is very toughest life for all the Merchant Navy Officers

Navy Officers

Captain: conjointly referred to as the master, this person is answerable of the ship and is totally chargeable for the complete crew in merchant navy (not simply the Navy officers).

Chief Officer: this is often the primary mate position. The chief officer is answerable of the Navy team, and conjointly maintains the storage area and provides.

Second Officer:

The second officer on a ship is next in command there’ll conjointly sometimes be a 3rd officer and generally there square measure even additional, counting on however massive the ship is. These officers pay attention of the protection of the crew and even have responsibilities like navigating, radio maintenance, merchandise management, and instrumentation maintenance and repair.

How to be a part of

Candidates should be 10+2 PCM additionally he/she should meet demand and clear one among the subsequent entrance check.

Engine officer:

Engine officers in the main modify the upkeep of assorted varieties of machineries found on board ships.

In general, the positions of the engineer officers follow a similar flow because of the Navy officers, with a chief engineer, a second officer, so on all the way down to the engineer officer novice or apprentice merchant navy eligibility. This team is chargeable for all of the electrical and mechanical happenings on the ship.

How to be a part of

To join as Engine Officers candidate should meet one among the subsequent criteria.

  1. 10+2(PCM min hr + English min five hundredth marks) -Qualify IMU CET or Extended list in IIT JEE or Qualify any marine Engineering faculty Entrance check.
  2. Graduate in engineering science. You need to complete ocean coaching in decigram approved institute.
  3. 2 year certificate in engineering science. You need to complete ocean coaching in decigram approved institute.

Work continues with each officer operating in shifts:

You’re absolving to go toward land once you’ve got completed your watch however do not forget that you simply got to return from your leave and work once more. So, you either sleeps otherwise you go toward land. Work on a ship, ne’er stops. As long because the ship is doing one thing – sailing, loading / discharging merchandise, it’s creating cash for the shipowner in merchant navy salary. Port stays have gone down significantly therefore the ship is in port for a brief time.

Of course, this relies on the sort of ship you’re on. Instrumentality ships square measure in port for a number of hours, oil tankers for twenty-four hrs, merchandise ships and bulk carriers keep longer in port. Watches in port square measure sometimes on a half-dozen on half-dozen off basis, half-dozen hours on duty, half-dozen hours off duty, then you’re back to figure. Therefore you cannot go toward land in each port as a result of you wishes to rest someday. The ship owner is paying you to remain on board, to not go ashore! It’s not all dangerous news, you are doing get to travel toward land and do some searching and perhaps sightseeing. Ports square measures unremarkably far from civilization. Movement to and fro takes up time and isn’t low-cost.

Stay away from family:

With visa restrictions post, several countries won’t allow you to keep back for a vacation when you complete your tenure on your ship. Therefore currently you recognize why the ship owner pays you most. You’re being obtained staying removed from family and residential, you’re being obtained long stints puzzled and hardly any probability to travel toward land. By the way, the lady in each port stories you’ve got detected square measure pure myths!!! You may not get time to satisfy women and if you are doing meet women then they’re going to be the incorrect kind. On the positive aspect, some firms do enable officers (usually senior officers) to hold their family (wife / kids) with them however not lady friends!

No drawback you say, I will handle everything, even as long as I buy paid well. That is simply fine, as long as you’re tuned in to what you’re moving into. Expect to figure with a transnational crew. This selection means you will not have a lot of in common with them. You may get to pay time alone in your cabin.

Are you able to handle being by yourself?

In fact, it’d be potential that you simply square measure lucky and you get in conjunction with everybody, within which case you may get pleasure from yourself soaking within the numerous cultures. Otherwise, you might be luckier and find to sail with a majority of your status. It all depends on the corporate merchant navy qualification you’re employed for. Throughout your time off you’ll watch movies, play indoor games (cards, carom etc), compute within the gymnasium (most ships have one) or simply relax in your cabin. Most firms enable officers to send emails home and receive them. Of course, there square measure restrictions on the amount and size of emails finally, satellites square measure used for transmitting/receiving emails. You may get post once the ship touches port however sometimes no more than once a month. Lately, larger firms supply net facilities onboard, therefore, sailors are not as isolated as before. Transportable SIM may be picked up regionally further therefore you’ll decision home whenever you’re during a port.

Now we have a tendency to come back to figure. Every sort of ship needs a specialized crew. every department onboard a ship has totally different duties – the Navy department takes care of the navigation and loading / discharging of wares whereas the engine department takes care of maintenance of assorted machines. Life on board each ship isn’t identical. Some ships area unit previous thus you would like to figure tougher to stay them running. Some ships area unit newer and area unit easier to figure on. Oil tankers, gas carriers would like special coaching and knowledge. Instrumentality ships and bulk carriers have equally fully fledged crew. Whereas puzzled, officers typically do four on eight off – four hours duty and eight hours off. This doesn’t mean that when you send your four hours of duty, you’ll head to sleep. Possibly ought to work on different things like maintenance of machinery/equipment. Commonly officers and crew work ten hour days.

No weekend/relaxation:

This can be a general statement and isn’t a tough and quick rule. Work hundreds increase significantly, once ships area unit in port. Officers and crew area unit are on watches throughout the day and night. There’s no weekend for them – there’s no such issue as a public vacation. If one officer falls sick, then the opposite officers on board share his duties till he’s match once more. Commonly ships don’t carry doctors on board unless you’re on a ship. Ships carry medicines and every one officer’s area unit trained for aid / medical emergencies. Whenever ships bit port, medical treatment will be provided onto land.

Another side to have faith in is that the weather. Even the most important ship is however a toy once up against the fury of the ocean. Ocean illness isn’t one thing to be scoffed at. You had higher ensured that you simply aren’t getting sea sick. Take a visit on a ship to urge the texture of things.

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