How to Prepare for Cat Exam?

How to Prepare for Cat Exam?

Are you an aspirant looking for tips to crack CAT exam? Here from this article, you will come to know enough information and tricks to score better mark in the CAT exam. IIMs – Indian Institute of Management will conduct the common admission test of CAT every year to shortlist the top6 management skilled students to appoint on their college to study their higher management studies. Every college in India, consider the value of CAT exam from a student to join in MBA studies. In every year the number of ten lakh, students are applying and attending the exam to get scholarships to pursue MBA graduation.

About CAT exam

Are you an aspirant looking for the complexity and simplicity to crack the difficulties in CAT exam? Most of CAT aspirants from few past years are perplexed to understand the CAT syllabus and they don’t find tolerance to face the complexities in the exam. Historically, for every year the exam principles will be changing, but they used to prepare an examination based on the same concept to implement with the different ideas. No matter about whether you are a brilliant student or average student, on the forthcoming exam every attendee of the exam may find a few surprises.

Eligibility criteria for CAT exam

For every aspirant who is looking to register for CAT exam, you should know the eligibility criteria in different sections.  CAT is an online exam conducted by computer-based mode for every registered candidate.

Candidates who are studying in the final year and who are completed their graduation are eligible to apply for CAT exam. Candidates of the general category should score at least 50% of marks and candidate of Scheduled Tribe and Scheduled Case must score at least 45% to get passed on the exam. An aspirant must complete or to obtain a bachelor degree can meet opportunities to register for the exam.

Eligibility for common admission test will be undergone by calculating their scored marks in CGPA format if an applicant who is not scored in conversion policy their marks will be multiplied by 100 and converted to CGPA format.

VARC method to prepare for CAT exam

IIM’s conduct the exam to test the ability of student skills in the various format, the questions of the exam will be based on the topics from the following information. Changing of exam questions in every year makes some students find the exam as easy and for some; it looks like the toughest CAT exam pattern. But if you prepared well for the exam by following the below mentioned tips, you will score the best mark in the examination.

Three Parts of VARC

  • Vocabulary questions

You have to improve your knowledge of reading skills, reasoning power, and vocabulary knowledge to crack this section of questions. If you have the ability to find the contexts of a word and the usage of a particular word in a question, you can solve all the vocabulary questions easily. Add improvement on your understanding of root skills and control considerable over to get skilled in the section knowledge.

  • Reading Comprehension

Habit and way of reading is the important thing to understands the concept of any questions, cultivate your habit of reading from fixed to over time. Initially know your speed of revising a paragraph within a short period and count the numbers of words have read by you. Make your reading ability as a diverse in nature to make your skill in a comfort zone to read fast without lacking on the concept.

  • Grammar

Take the two approaches of learning grammar from scientist advice, practice the question to understand as go by rules and learn different parts of speech. Once you know the difference in the grammar, then you will find the ability to correct the wrong sentence in a professional way. Make a lot of practice to find the errors in the line and correct the sentence in the right way to approach. Start to learn the different parts of speech in your comfort zone to understand quickly and easily.

Quantitative Ability preparation method

On the CAT exam pattern, there is a section of Quantitative Aptitude to test the mathematical ability of the student. The section covers the one third on the question paper; the questions will be based on Arithmetic, Advance mathematics, geometry, algebra calculations.  If you have the best knowledge about numbering, you can score in this section but you have to understand the question first.

Take the basic chapters of mathematics from school and memorize the basic theories and formulas in your mind to solve the questions. This section has some questions to have heavy calculation and some questions with the simple calculations. Practice your mind to rely on mental calculation because you don’t find time to make heavy calculations on paper. Way of scoring in this section will be easy only if you have the knowledge to tackle the aptitude questions.

  • DILR method preparation

Data Interpretation and Logical reasoning is the area where the maximum mark is allotted in the CAT exam. This section occupies the one-sixth portion of the question paper if you have reasoning mind you can score more marks easily without doing any calculations. It is the section consumes more time to emphasis on data interpretation.

You have to improve your mental calculation speed and method, here for this section mind calculation is the key to solve the entire section. You don’t have to memorize the formula, think logically to solve logical questions and be assure about counting ability and calculation to solve data interpretation questions. Learn and develop your knowledge on the mathematical table’s tills 20 and basic of fraction methods to practice your mind. Use the before mentioned point to rely on your brain to solve this section of problems easily in the allotted time.

Self-preparation method to get ready for the CAT exam

Every aspirant should score high marks to pursue their MBA dream, take a look at the following things to train your mind. Before going to prepare for the CAT exam, you must know about the CAT exam pattern from different model papers. Get an idea about the exam questions by referring to the previous question papers. Know your exam paper and areas of questions; schedule your allotted time corresponding to solve each section.

  • Study Material

There is ample of study materials for CAT exam is available on the internet and book shops, else you may prefer to go for a coaching class to know more than about self cat preparation method. Read out the CAT syllabus fully once and take a mock test to know your strength and weakness part to improve. Take a lot of practice to finish the mock test within the allotted time with good scored marks.

  • Motivation creates positivity

Take much practice to face the exam with a positive mind and outlook; you have to be confident about yourself to face every hurdle in the exam. Try to study your own preparation and simple methods to remember the hints, and use some own tricks to solve the tricky problems. Utmost importance is doing get tension; it makes you forget your CAT preparation methods on studies. Maintain a good and positive attitude from the beginning to until the exam it helps you to deal better with the question paper and the multiple of given choices.

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