How to Prepare for GATE Exam?


Ever dreamed of being a researcher and discovering the untouched twists of engineering Or be it the post-graduation aspirations that keep nagging the head of engineering maniacs. There is one best option to fulfill those vivid dreams with just an exam. Well, it is more than just an exam it is the GATE exam.

GATE is an All-India examination conducted in eight zones across the country by the GATE Committee.

It is conducted by IITs and other reputed institutions all over the country on behalf of the NCB (national coordinating board), ministry of human resources Development and department of education.

The Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering is an examination conducted all over India to test the understanding of engineering subjects of various majors. It is conducted for undergraduates who are willing to pursue higher studies and obtain researches and doctorates in the field of engineering.


There may be many questions arising in one’s mind as to why must anyone attend the GATE exam. Why is it needed and is it really necessary? Here are the reasons as to why GATEcan be given a shot by undergraduate engineers.

  1. Gaining expertise

Even though getting through GATE exam might sound pretty difficult a good GATE score is really helpful. It helps a candidate to get admission in reputed Indian institutes like  IITs, IISC, IIITs, NITs, and many other institutions.

  1. Stipend and scholarship

Another advantage of getting through GATE exam is that each student joining college under MHRD is given a promissory stipend of Rs.12400 per month. Institutes like BAARC has made it mandatory to have a GATEscore card to join their institutes and train under certain courses. These courses are not only knowledge but come with an average stipend of Rs 15000/- to Rs 20000/- for GATE qualified students. Self qualified courses in BAARC also demand a valid GATE score card for admissions.

  1. GATE-a basic requirement

Is it a life long passion to work with space and rockets tearing up the horizons. Well, as far as there is GATE qualification there is no need to worry about getting into the government organizations like ISRO AND DRDO. These organizations have made GATE qualification a minimum requirement to apply for various fellowships awarded by many Government organizations like DRDO, BARC, ISRO, etc. This is also applied to CSIR Laboratories and CSIR sponsored Projects.  GATE scores are also considered as a minimum requirement is 30 plus PSUs like ONGC, BAARCetc.

  1. Opens up international opportunities

Some universities abroad in Singapore and Germany also use GATE scores as entrance tests. Hence GATE exam might widen opportunities abroad too. This is a very good step for aspirants who yearn to study abroad.

  1. Builds teachers

GATE exam scores help a candidate to get into post graduation studies like M.Tech, M.E Degree. This hence provides an opportunity for those who wish to apply for professor positions in top educational universities. These top educational universities readily offer assistant professor designation to the candidates. They give good pay with high packages of 5 to 6 lakhs per annum.

GATE Eligibility criteria

GATE exam eligibility is not much it requires any candidate with

  • A Bachelor’s degree in Engineering or Technology also includes Architecture. The students in the final year of their degree program can also appear for GATE examination
  • Apart from undergrads postgraduates or masters, students can apply for GATE exam. Students in their Pre-final year are not eligible to appear in GATE exam.
  • There is no age limit for GATE exams anyone pursuing engineering either masters or undergrads can appear.

GATE Syllabus

The GATE exam syllabus is not just any ordinary one. It is rather one of the most intensive topics covering various topics in engineering. The questions are classified as

  • Engineering mathematics questions carrying 13-15 marks
  • General aptitude questions carrying  15 marks
  • Core questions carrying 70-72 marks

The General aptitude questions test analytic skills in verbal ability and numerical ability.

Scoring method

The GATE exam question paper is set for a total of 100 marks. Hence the marks scored out of hundred is the candidate’s GATE exam marks.  This mark is then normalized to arrive at the GATE exam scores. The highest GATE exam score is 1000. However, due to normalization, the candidate need not have scored 100 in the GATE exam to score 1000 after normalization. The calculation methodologies are clearly given in GATE exam websites.

GATE Preparations

Even though the GATE exam feels like a battle to be won it is not that hard if one puts some effort into it. Here are a few steps to begin the battle

Step 1: the begin

Know the details about GATE exam. It can be either done by browsing or by revising books about GATE exam. One must know what they are up against to win it. so know everything about the GATE exam. Also one must thoroughly know about the GATE exam syllabus and the question pattern. This helps the candidate to figure out the study materials needed and topics to be prepared on.

GATE exam has Multiple Choice questions from which candidate selects one option for each question there is negative marking for these.

Next is the numerical Answer Type questions they need calculations and don’t have negative marking.

Step 2: know the weightages.

When it comes to GATE exam one must cover the entire syllabus. Knowing the weightage of topics might be a vital role as this allows the candidate to focus on these more than the other topics. Many toppers have indicated in their tips that this exercise is undertaken first. Doing a survey on the past year GATE exam question papers will emerge a better picture and a fair idea of the topics can be achieved.

Step 3: a study plan for GATE preparation

Organize a study plan for GATE preparation. A properly organized schedule will save a lot of good time for GATE preparation. Poor schedules can upset study plans which will later inflict on scores. Hence organizing everything and having a study plan for GATE preparation is vital. Also arranging targets and solving previous year question papers can greatly help preparations.

Step 4: having proper resources for GATE preparation

GATE preparation requires the books to refer and prepare from. One alternative for books is textbooks. But some toppers feel they are very limited in resources for GATE preparation. Hence choosing proper materials is needed for GATE preparation.

Step 5: evaluating oneself

This is one of the vital steps in GATE preparation. one must be able to remember whatever they have learnt.  Hence evaluating memory skills is an important step in GATE preparation.  The evaluation will tell how much has been put into GATE preparation and how much ready a candidate is for GATE exam. Apart from that revision is a mandatory step. It is important to not forget all the hard work and preparations. Hence to revise will keep it stored in the memory well.

Step 6: health is a wealth 

Although this is last in the list it is the most important basic necessity for GATE preparation.  Only good and healthy student can be able to get through the GATE exam and GATE preparation. It is one tiring journey for anyone to take. So having healthy foods to boost stamina to prepare for GATE exam is a must.

Last but not least good mental energy and a healthy mind will definitely get one through the GATE exam. So eat healthily and keep the body and mind fit during GATE preparation.

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