How to Prepare for Goa PSC Exam?


A place with multicultural existence from a very long time, a party paradise in India; yes, it is the union state of Goa. The state has more than just all the fun elements. Is it a long plan to be in Goa? So why not get work there. Yes, there are many opportunities in establishing a work-life at goa. Goa state conducts government competitive exams every year to recruit candidates into its government.

All about the Goa Public Service Commission

The goa public service commission exams are conducted by the State Government of Goa. The goa public service commission conducts these competitive exams to recruit the eligible candidates for the state government of Goa.

Apart from this the GPSC also has many rules and procedures to be followed by the candidates.  The basic requirement for the GPSC is that the candidates must possess the language knowledge of Konkani and English. The candidates who have all these qualifications can only apply for the jobs at goa.

Eligibility Criteria for GPSC

The basic eligibility for attending the GPSC exam is to have a degree or diploma in any field concerned to the post that the candidate applies. Also, candidates with 10 + 2 qualifications with knowledge in Konkani can also apply and are eligible for direct recruitment.  The candidate must possess these educational qualifications to attend the GPSC exam. Age limit for GPSC is 18 as the minimum age and the maximum age is decided by the commission.

GPSC Exam Syllabus

The GPSC exam is conducted by three stages with the first two stages consisting of a written exam. This is done by dividing it into two papers the preliminary and the mains exam.

The preliminary (stage 1)

The preliminary exam consists of a paper one and paper two

The first paper consists of general studies carrying 200 marks and the second paper consists of arithmetic questions carrying 200 marks. Each of these papers is given a duration of two hours to complete.

The second stage or the main exam

It is a pretty hard fight with this exam because it has more than six papers to pass over and out of the six of them are compulsorily to be attended. There are two entire papers among them which test the language abilities. The languages are Hindi and English comprising of 100 marks. The rest of the four are general knowledge carrying a count of 150 marks each. Yes the GPSC exam does sound tedious with six papers to attend however the fruit of the struggle will be worth it.

The four gk papers have objective type questions. There is also negative marking for the wrong answers three to one mark is the ration of negative marking.

Stage three of the GPSC

This is a practical interview test for 100 marks. In this stage of the GPSC exam the candidate’s knowledge, behavior personal traits are tested. This is the final stage of the GPSC exam and the candidates are recruited later.

The pattern of the GPSC

The pattern of the papers has two parts A and B.

Part A consists of general knowledge logic thinking or reasoning and arithmetic aptitude.

The second part or part B consists of various technical skill tests which include the constitution, amendments, and laws enforced constitution amendments. It basically tests the civics knowledge of the candidate. Hence the candidate must have a good knowledge of current amendments and acts passed on.

As already said above the GPSC have three stages of exams the preliminary, the mains exam and the final interview.

The preliminary has two papers and six parts or portioning to test the candidate’s knowledge. It is general knowledge and awareness, general knowledge about the state of Goa and also common science knowledge along with maths and logical reasoning ability. The other one is basic computer knowledge.

Hence from the survey and information, general knowledge about the state and the amendments and acts that were passed on by the state government of goa must be kept updated.

Things like the latest constitution changes, new bills passed, laws enforced must be kept updated to be able to answer the questions. This constitutes the general knowledge of the paper.

The next is the general science questions. The general sciences are further exhaustively divided into four parts with the combined test is physics, chemistry, bio and technology in science.  Even though the preparation might be tedious ignoring this part will result in n failure, hence learning up this part is vital. The candidate can go through NCERT books to prepare for the GPSC exam.

The next is computer knowledge testing. This part is not very deep into computers. It just tests the overall brush ups of the subject like terms, abbreviations, updates in computer field, etc

Other Strategies for the GPSC.

  1. The candidate’s first area of study is to be concentrated on the Second paper of the preliminary which is the General Aptitude test. The general aptitude must cover all the current events and scenarios. Hence it is important to just brush up these topics as fast as possible within fifteen days. After completing this next is to go through the current affairs. Finally, the remaining topics can be covered.
  1. The next step for the candidates is to prepare for the General Sciences. As said above it is good to go through the general knowledge questions and then later cover up the other topics. Science topics can be covered from the NCERT books that are available. Or also any guide that helps in covering up the science topics.
  1. The general topics and current affair knowledge must be kept updated before at least six months prior to the GPSC

The preliminary exam of the GPSC is covered mainly with the general questions and current affairs.

  • Main Examination

The main paper of the GPSC consists of six individual papers with first two language papers followed by technical papers. Other dynamic areas like economics and planning are not static so going through articles and newspapers is important for these questions.

It also needs practice in computer science. Hence brushing up a few topics under it will be helpful in the preparation. Also, study materials are available online which can help the candidate prepare for the GPSC exam.


The practice is always been everyone’s advice to any kind of endeavor.  The practice is important even in exams too. Taking mock exams and practicing the previous year question will be of great assistance. There are many materials available on websites. There are also screening tests and mock tests available on the internet for GPSC. Taking those tests will help in practicing the exam patterns thereby making it familiar with the exam environment.


The candidates are asked a series of questions which are basically regional affairs and also about the candidate’s ability to work well and effectively in their respective posts and also how well the candidate executes the policies of the government in their fields.

As most candidates face a struggle in answering authorities directly a mock interview of the GPSC will be useful in relieving the tension

We are sure this article from CareerJobs360 will help you to understand about Tip to have victory in the Goa PSC.

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