How to Prepare for IIT-JAM Exam?


IIT JAM – Indian Institute of Technology Joint Admission Test for the admission of master degree of science. M.Sc. In order to pursue the postgraduate or master degree from IIT, a graduate needs to clear IIT JAM entrance test. Every near nearly 50k candidates is applying for IIT, NIIT, and entrance exam. But there are only limited seats.

This article helps to know about IIT-JAM exam, eligibility criteria, syllabus, and preparation method. Just go through the article for better appearance on IIT-JAM exam.

IIT-JAM Exam and Dates

This year IIT-JAM will be conducted on February 10, 2020, at IIT-Kanpur. Answer key along with question paper will be released on February 25, 2020. The scorecard will be released in April 2020.

IIT JAM exam is conducted in seven science subjects and also offers Ph.D. courses. Some of the institutes accept JAM scores for MSc admission.

Eligibility to apply MSC IIT-JAM exam is a normal UG degree with good score without arrears on UG are eligible for IIT-JAM exam. The exam duration will be 180 minutes. The exam is pure online mode.

The test is conducted over 60 cities across 8 zones, when you apply for the test, you can select your zone. IIT-JAM offers M, sc. Joint Ph.D. course. It is a pure PG level entrance exam, no ug will be offered with the score value of IIT-JAM.

MSc Course Details

MSc courses of various aspirants can secure admission based on the score they secured in IIT-JAM score. The courses include MscBiotechnology, MSc chemistry, Msc geology, Msc mathematics, MSc Physics, MSc Statistics.

Admission on each course is on a merit basis, based on the marks in IIT-JAM.

IIT-JAM Eligibility

IIT-JAM has eligibility criteria to apply for entrance admission. A candidate must hold a Bachelor’s degree with at least 55% aggregate marks overall and 50% in case of SC/ST/PWD categories.

The aggregate marks should not be like rounding off and all subjects including language in all semesters are the eligibility to apply for IIT-JAM.

Candidates who appeared on 2019 exam and completed the papers on 2019 are also eligible for applying IIT-JAM entrance. There is no age limit for IIT JAM entrance exam. All male and female candidates, who have secured 55% and above in their UG are allowed to apply for IIT-JAM entrance exam.

The candidates whose university gave CGPA must score the equivalence percentage of marks will be decided to admit in the college/institute. All the candidates must submit the physical fitness certificate at the time of admission.

IIT-JAM Syllabus

IIT-JAM Syllabus – Physics

For physics IIT JAM syllabus, the subject includes mathematics, mechanics, general properties of matter, Oscillations, waves, optics, electricity, and magnetism, Kinetic theory, thermodynamics, modern physics, solid-state physics, devices, electronics, BJT, simple oscillators, and Boolean algebra.

The Physics syllabus mainly includes the UG subject on Physics and little part of mathematics. All must do is you need to refresh your basic and UG physics subject for Physics syllabus.

IIT-JAM Chemistry Syllabus

In JAM Chemistry, IIT JAM Syllabus is divided into three parts Physical Chemistry, Organic and Inorganic chemistry.

IIT JAM Syllabus on Physical chemistry includes basic mathematics concepts, atomic, molecular structure, the theory of gases, solid-state, chemical thermodynamics, electrochemistry, chemical, and phase equilibria, chemical kinetics, adsorption, and spectroscopy.

IIT JAM Syllabus on Organic chemistry syllabus includes basics concepts in organic chemistry, stereochemistry, organic reaction mechanism, and synthetic applications, qualitative organic analysis, natural products chemistry, aromatic and heterocyclic chemistry

IIT JAM Syllabus on Organic chemistry syllabus includes Periodic table, chemical bonding, shapes of compounds, the main group of elements includes S and P block elements, transition metals d block, bioinorganic chemistry, Instrumental method of analysis, and analytical chemistry.

In IIT-JAM Syllabus on chemistry are of 3 parts, you must select your choice and concentrate more on that topic. As you studied all course in your UG degree in PG you can choose your specialization.

IIT-JAM Mathematics Syllabus

To crack IIT-JAM exam you must concentrate more on mathematics syllabus and proper study plan helps to clear JAM exam. IIT JAM syllabus for mathematics includes sequences and series of real numbers, functions of one real variable, functions of two or three real variables, integral calculus, differential equations, vector calculus, group theory, linear algebra, and real analysis.

IIT JAM Mathematical Statistics Syllabus

There is no other possibility to get the seat in IIT until and unless you didn’t appear for IIT JAM. If you want to crack IIT JAM mathematics statistics you can crack only by preparing for the exam.

The statistics paper comprises of mathematics and statistics together. Mathematics paper has 40% weight age and statistics paper has a 60% weight age.

The syllabus on IIT-JAM mathematics includes sequences and series, differential calculus, Integral calculus, the convergence of sequences of real numbers, comparison, root and ratio tests for convergence of series of real numbers, differential calculus, Integral calculus, and matrices.


The syllabus of statistics and mathematics are similar. It has a slight variation to crack IIT JAM statistics. The statistics syllabus includes probability, standard distribution, joint distribution, sampling distribution, limit theorem, estimation, testing of hypotheses and hypotheses.

Syllabus for IIT JAM Biotechnology

The biotechnology syllabus on IIT JAM consists of Biology 44% chemistry 20% and Mathematics 18% and physics 18%. So the candidate must concentrate on all subjects.

IIT-JAM biology syllabus includes general biology, biochemistry, and physiology, basic biotechnology, molecular biology, cell biology, microbiology.

IIT JAM Geology Syllabus

IIT JAM Geology has highest cut off marks in the exam and must have a proper study plan to obtain the seat in IIT. The geology syllabus includes planet earth, geomorphology, and structural geology, paleontology, stratigraphy, mineralogy, petrology, economic geology, and applied geology.

These are the syllabus for IIT-JAM for Msc admission. So collect the syllabus and syllabus materials to score good marks in IIT JAM exam. A proper study plan, time table, and revision help to score good marks in the exam.

Tips & Tricks to Prepare for the Exam
  • Start with an easier topic and favorite topic that ensures enthusiastic in your preparation.
  • Make a regular practice of everyday study plan in morning and evening.
  • When you start your preparation make short notes on each topic and important notes in a separate color.
  • Stick with your time management plan and never exceed the time limit for preparation.
  • Failure in time management plan ends up with rush up of subject in last minute preparation.
  • Try to collect previous year question papers through the internet or friends circle and do regular Mock test practice.
  • Mock test helps to find the best time calculation management and regular practice on questions type.
  • Once you finish off your Mock test, value your marks with the available answer keys.
  • Your score helps to find the weaker subject section, now take time to concentrate more on that particular area and start practicing once again for the best output.
  • Once you appeared for an exam never stick on one question for a long time. If you are unclear about the answer skip the question and move on to the next question to save your time.
  • Read out the questions properly and understand the question before you answer. Never give a chance to lose marks on known answers.
  • Never do careless mistakes. Read out properly and choose the right answer accordingly.
  • All syllabuses for IIT JAM are easy as you studied already in your UG degree. So be prepared to do well in the exam. All the best!!

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