How to Prepare for JEE Main Exam?

JEE Main Exam

In recent years engineering is gaining high scope and most of the students are willing to study the course in the top colleges like IIT. In those cases, it is important to know clear some eligibility test lay JEE. The exam is conducted twice in a year by NTA. The first section is conducted in the month of January and the second in the month of April.

In the paper I the candidates need to answer the computer-based question and in paper II, the candidates need to answer both Computer-based questions and paper pen type answers. As some other exams, it is also one of the most competitive exams. Still, it is possible to clear them if you follow the rules and the tips to prepare for the exams appropriately. Look for the topics to be learned and make sure you are practicing them on a regular basis. You make not be so successful if you are not following the procedure properly.

Who Can Apply for the Exam?

The candidates who are applying for the exam should have completed 10+2 or equivalent exam. There are no age limits appearing for jee main exam. Anyone who is interested in appearing the engineering course will be able to write the exam.

Education qualification

  • The candidates who are willing to appear for the 2019 JEE should have completed class XII or qualifying exam in the year 2017 or 2018.
  • The candidates who are appearing for the class XII or equivalent qualifying exam in the year 2019 are also eligible for the JEE 2019 exam.

Combination of subjects studied by the candidates

  • It is compulsory that the candidates should have studied 5 subjects in class XII or equivalent.
  • The five subjects for B.E. or B. Tech includes Language, Physics, Mathematics, anyone in chemistry, biotechnology, biology technical vocational subjects and the last would be any subjects.
  • If the candidate prefers B. Arch or B. Planning the subjects include Languages, Physics, Mathematics, any one of the subjects like Chemistry, Biotechnology, Biology, and Technical vocational subjects and the last subject would be any other subjects.

How Many Times Will the Candidates be Allowed to Attempt?

Candidates who are interested in the exam may write the exam for consecutive3 years. As mentioned above the exam is conducted for twice in a year so the candidates will be able to have 6 attempts to appear and write the exam.

Percentages required

The percentage required for the NITs/ IITs/ GFTIs will differ from the admission for the B. Arch Programs.

  • In case of admission to NITs/ IITs/ GFTIs, the candidates need to have at least 75% of marks in class XII or equivalent exam or the candidates need to be in the top 20 percent in their classes from the exam conducted by their respective boards.
  • In the case of the students who prefer B. Arch programs needs to have PCM compulsory in their 10+2 or equivalent exam. They also need to score a minimum of 50% marks in the subjects in aggregate and at least 50% in the individual subjects as well.

Important topics covered by the subjects

  • Physics: Mechanics and Electrodynamics are the two most important topics but make sure you are spending sufficient time on topics like heat, thermodynamics, modern physics and optics.
  • Chemistry: General principles of organs chemistry are easy to understand in the topic of chemistry. Further, concentrate on the topics like numerical of physical chemistry since that is the topic fetches you more marks. In the portion of inorganic chemistry have more facts and figures that require constant revision.
  • Mathematics: It is the best option to master the inter-relationship between other topics. Further, coordinate geometry and vector can help you to solve problems related to complex numbers. When you are strong in permutation and combinations, it helps in solving problems related to problems of probability. If you are strong in trigonometry and calculus again assist top to solve several other types of problems.

How to study for the JEE Exam?

Do not worry when you need to prepare for the exam. The foremost thing that you need to do is just concentrate well and study for the class XII exams. You can also ask people for some tips and start collecting books for preparing for the JEE main exams as you are in class XII. Make you understand the concepts clearly.

The second thing that you should do is practicing the JEE papers. Analyze your strength and weakness on the topic wise and work on them regularly. So not avoid any topic considering that it is too hard or too easy. If the topic is easy you may get them stronger to fetch more marks in them. In the harder concepts practice and try to fetch at least minimum marks be successful in JEE mains results.

Involve in as many mock tests possible to gain real exam experience. There is a number of mock tests available in some sites, you can take up those test most importantly; do not forget to analyze after you finish the test. You should go through them completely and look for the correct answers for all your wrong answers.

Overall guidance for the JEE main exam

When you are preparing for the JEE main exam it just enough to follow these rules.

  • Concentrate on the important topics: Even if you cannot cover entire concepts it is important for you to cover the concept and make sure you are crystal clear in the concepts. It is easy to score at least 320 if you have regular practice for 3 months. If you have 5 to 10 months in your hand, it is not going to be a difficult thing to clear the exam.
  • If you are preparing for the mains exam: If you are preparing for jee main exam make sure you are working fast to solve the answer in both computer-based format and also in the paper-pen format. You have even more practice when compared to the preliminary exam.
  • Know the pattern: Unless if you are not clear on what to learn it is not possible to learn the concepts. In Paper 1 you need to answer 90 multiple choice questions on subjects like physics, chemistry, and mathematics. In the case of paper 2, you will need to answer 82 questions, 30 will be from mathematics, 50 from aptitude and the last 2 will be drawing test. Make sure you prepare well for jee mains paper based on the pattern because that is the place where most of the people who prepare well may also get failed.
  • Manage your time: It is very important to concentrate more on the time factor. Make the right time table and allocate the time properly for each concept. Also in the exam, you need to carry the same things. Make sure you spend time in the right order sufficiently to answer all the questions.

When you need to achieve in the exam the most important thing you need to do is that you need to be highly concentrated in the prelims and jee mains syllabus. Also, make sure you spend sufficient time in the regular preparation of the exam. Do not lose confidence if you are losing in your attempt. Gain experience form that and keep preparing with even more confidence to clear the exam. All the best!

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