How to Prepare for the SAT Exam?

SAT Exam

When you explore for SAT, exam first look for specific guidance on SAT and prepare well on the exam for the best score. SAT exam section includes mathematics, reading, writing, and language test.

Here are the best methods to crack the SAT exam

Read Lots of Nonfiction Outside of Class

SAT is the standardized test used widely for college admissions. The SAT exam is a multiple choice question with the total marks of 1600.

SAT is not easy to prepare. You need to put more hard work and learn new things that are out of syllabus to score good marks in SAT exam. First segregate the pattern into section-wise, collect the books accordingly and start to prepare for the test.

Learning from the book is not enough to clear the SAT exam; you must concentrate more on nonfiction classes and focus on the curriculum of high school towards fiction.

It is not a simple day work, which you can finish SAT preparation in one night; you must prepare well and understand the basics of each subject and get into the subject.

Many online websites help for fiction and nonfiction classes, so join the group and improve your knowledge.

Learn How to do Mental Mathematics

In SAT preparation, Mathematics is the toughest subject for commerce students. SAT won’t allow you to use a calculator inside the exam hall. For engineering graduates, problem-solving is easy.

SAT exam candidates must concentrate more on Mathematics basics and mathematics syllabus. Practice makes you perform well in mathematics. A simple reading or understanding the mathematics sums never helps to clear the mathematics paper.

Basic knowledge in mathematics and proper training in mathematics only helps to score good marks in mathematics.

If you learn the mental calculation method, that greatly helps you to clear mathematics problems. A lot of mathematics ebooks are available online, you can start the use of it, to score good marks in mathematics. The shortcut methods help to solve the questions in a fast manner.

Once you get more marks in mathematics your overall ranking will be increased and you can get a better college. The highest score in the SAT exam is 1600.

Brush up the Grammar

Most of the English sections are covered maximum with grammar questions. Few questions are essay type. Concentrate more on verbal, vocabulary, basics, and paragraph questions for best result.

SAT learning material for English and grammar greatly help you to understand the exam pattern, and previous year question paper model helps to clear the SAT exam easily.

Once you prepare for the SAT practice test, start practicing with previous-year-old question papers, and resolve it by fixing the time. You can check out your verbal, mathematics, and other subject’s skill by analyzing with the answers.

Your timing with the test helps to solve the paper on time and improvise your knowledge. It greatly helps in college admission.

Use the Best SAT Materials for Preparation

SAT exam is quite common in almost all colleges admission, a hell lot of materials are available online and as a book. Try to find the best material of SAT preparation and start to follow the material for easy understanding and better knowledge.

The material helps to score good marks in SAT. Online preparation and online test also help to score high marks in the SAT exam.

Always never follow the single book, or single website, surf well, analyze the subject, go for better authors and find the best source for SAT preparation. The Internet gives you the vast surfing option and you can choose the best opt website from them.

All previous year question paper for SAT pattern is also available on the net. Search for best website and start practicing now, never waste time. Practice makes you understand the question and fix up the time to clear SAT exam.

Try With Mixed SAT Practice Tests

SAT test has different parts that include mathematics, reading, writing, and language. You must find time to concentrate more on each subject. Practice a test for 35 minutes in mathematics, 35 minutes in writing and 30 minutes in reading.

Plan your time schedule prepare well for the exam according to the scheduled time. Try to concentrate more time on mathematics, as mathematics is difficult to learn, and takes time to find the solution.

Once you start to practice mathematics syllabus and learned the shortcut methods to solve the problems, then it is very easy to clear the SAT paper.

Don’t Cram on Subjects

Cramming is a very bad idea. Proper preparation and revision only help to clear SAT exam easily. Cram never helps to clear the SAT in a better way. SAT practice test and basic preparation only help to clear SAT exam.

Always do a schedule of 3 hours of practice every day. You can schedule the preparation time according to the needs. It may be morning 1.30 hours and evening 1.30 hours, you can take early morning time for SAT practice test.

Morning preparation helps to remember and learn the subject easily. A few minutes or a few weeks before the exam never help to clear the SAT exam with good score.

Start preparing for the SAT exam every day and on weekends start to revise on the prepared syllabus. Then on the next day start the fresh syllabus. At the weekend, try to cover both week chapter revisions.

This learning method helps to score good marks in SAT and strong your basic skill. SAT practice test on weekends helps to attend SAT exam based on time and question pattern. So check with previous year question papers, and practice accordingly.

Sneak in SAT Preparation

When you find the time you can check for vocabulary in your Smartphone with the help of best applications, start practicing your mental mathematics guide and find some best tips and tricks from the previous SAT toppers, or from the guides and improve your knowledge accordingly.

Whenever you get time, try to utilize the maximum time to learn about new things. Never give a chance to lose the marks.

Figure Out, and Work on Your Weaknesses

Once you start to practice on SAT exam you come to know about the knowledge you have. Once you start to write SAT mock tests, you know you’re score and your weakness area. Once you know your weakness area you start to concentrate more on the weaker section.

Do take more tests on weaker sections, start practicing more on weaker sections. Never miss any choice of question or pattern on weaker areas, concentrate more on weaker areas, if needed go for coaching class or take online tuition to learn about weaker areas.

This helps to score good marks even in your weaker areas. You can also take a diagnostic test to find your weaker section.

Find the Study Partner

If you feel comfortable, in finding the partner for SAT preparation, you can find the best partner to share your study time with them. Make sure they are also interested to write SAT exam, if they come just for the company then you spoil your time by chatting with them.

Find the best partner, share strategies, resources, online links, study tips, book materials, and enjoy the learning time spend together. Test each other, compete with each other, and share the knowledge of each other for best practice and good score.

SAT Preparation and Revision

It is essential to prepare and do revise on the SAT. You may start to practice before 3 months when you prepare one day before the exam, you may forget the previous syllabus. So when you start doing the time table, allow 10 days time for revision. SAT practice test will be easy only when you study and do the practice of revision.

All the best guys do perform well in the SAT exam and score good marks to get college admission.

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