Important Top Tips to prepare for the IAS Exam

Important Top Tips to prepare for the IAS Exam

The interest and craze of the Civil Service exams are always increasing as people love to take up those exams. It is not an easy task to clear the exam but on the same, it is not the task to consider impossible. When the candidate works smart and hard it is possible to clear the exam. Here are some tips that young aspirants can make use of to achieve their dream profession.

Make an early move

The basic eligibility criterion for the UPSC Civil Service Exam is 21 and the candidates much have completed graduation in any of the subjects. Also, anyone studying in the final year may apply for the IAS Prelims. Most of them are aware of this and they will miss the opportunity in the early stage and take a move in later age. You can make it only within 28 years. So make a move at the youngest age possible.

Have schedule

If you are preparing for the IAS exam full time it is fine, if not if you are a student or a working in any job it is necessary to scarify certain things and spend time in the preparation regularly. It is not enough to think about it during leisure time or occasionally.

Buy the recommended books

Once you have decided to prepare for the exam it is necessary to have the required materials to prepare for the exam. So search as many possible and collect books and other materials to prepare. Also, it is important to have some of the previous year question papers to have more practice with it.

Enroll in the online test series

For any exam, it is important to practice in the mode that you are going to write the main exam. Similarly, for IAS exam also you can register for the mock test and this will be the factor to boost the confidence of having the test that you are going to write. In addition, you will also be able to rectify your strength and weakness from the point of the exam.

Make use of spare time

You will have a default time table and that is fine to prepare but apart from you may also spend your spare time to know some information regarding the IAS exam. This will sound your knowledge in the field and make you more confident in the area.

Newspapers and magazines play a major role

Knowing about your surroundings is not only important for an individual it will also help to enhance your marks in the IAS exam. It helps in the area of current affairs and also your reading ability will be increased and helps to boost overall performance in the exam.

Have writing practice

When the mains exam is considered it is important to have good writing practice since time plays a vital role. This is only of the reasons why the college student who is in touch with pens feel easy when compared to the working professional even when they are sound in the topics.

Have a discussion of current affairs

When you read a topic you may forget them soon but when you discuss a topic with your friends it will not go out of your mind easily. Apply this on the area of current affairs as well. When you speak to your friend about the current events each one will speak from their perspective and this will make more chances to remember the topics.

Make use of the semester break

When you are a college student you will find more free time during your semester holidays. This is the high time to learn the optional papers and then you can continue with General Studies. So it is just enough to revise the optional papers later. This will be the right strategy and it is followed by a number of successful students.

Have a read at toppers reviews

Positive energy is always to be successful and this can be applied in the IAS preparation as well. When you have a read at the toppers review you will know about the areas you need to be strong what their personal experience in preparation is.

Use all the possible ways to achieve in the exam but never forget to work hard and smart. All the best for the upcoming Civil Service Exam to achieve your goal!

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