Tips & Tricks to Clear the UPPSC Exams

it is easy and possible to clear the UPPSC exams

The major change that is implemented in the UPPSC is the negative marking system recently and this makes the exam to be tougher when compared to the olden days. This is because of the massive competition from people and less number of vacancies. The filtering process is becoming tough and so the government is raising the level of toughness and filtering process is getting harder. With such an exam only when the candidate follows the right way and makes the right move, you will be able to clear the exam. Here are some tips that will help you to be successful in the exam.

Be sure with the exam pattern

The pattern of the UPPSC exam is similar to the pattern of the UPSC civil service exam that consists of two general studies papers. Paper 1 comprises of subjects like history, economy Indian polity, current affairs, geography, ecological concepts, and general science. Paper 2 is the qualifying one and to qualify then it is necessary to have 33% of marks. Both the papers are of 200 marks and the time given to answer the questions 120 minutes.

Be aware of negative marks

It is not an easy task to memorize all the concepts and the figures, so the candidates may make use of the elimination methodology. Accuracy is highly necessary since when there is negative it means that you need to pay a penalty of marks for all the wrong answers from the right ones. So make sure all the answers that you make are appropriate and you do not choose wrong answers.

Track the key events

Current affairs are one of the most important sections in any of the competitive exams. It is much necessary for the candidates to be through with the events that take place around the world in recent times. One best option could be preparing a timetable for the trending issues during the period and to concentrate more on them. The candidates may not leave the section since it is crucial and they will help in gaining more marks in the examination.

it is easy and possible to clear the UPPSC exams

Strong on basics is your strength

When you are clear and confident with the basics it means that you are partially clearing the exam since for all the competitive exams it is necessary to be strong on the basic concepts. Most of the questions can be expected from the sections of G.K. so be strong enough in the area to fetch more marks.

Make enough practice

Only when the candidate has enough practice it is possible to clear the section. So you may have any number of practices that makes you strong and gives you confidence that you will face the exam easily and come out with success. You can have a mock test and some other online tests that you boost your score. Do not just leave when you finish the test, spend enough time looking for the right answer and find what the area that you went wrong is. This will be highly helpful during the time of the main examination.

Tips based on the topics

  • When you are preparing in the subject of history it is necessary to give importance to the social, political and economic areas. Give more importance in the independence movements in particular from the Gandhian era.
  • It is expected that most of the question may be asked form economics and physical geography so concentrate more on them.
  • You may read about the constitutions to fetch good marks in the area of polity related questions, in additions it is good to learn political systems and latest developments as well.
  • When the environmental section is considered in the UPPSC exam it is important to concentrate on the facts and figures.

You may also have some negative thoughts and tensions when the day advances towards the UPPSC exam. Do not get panic or tense and that is no longer going to help you. Be peaceful, have sound health and relax well. Just have in mind that you have prepared well to face the exam and you will also face the exam and come out with colors. Appear for the exam and make one of the job vacancies as yours!

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