Tips to crack the NDA exam

Tips to crack the NDA exam

In recent days the awareness towards education is growing spontaneously and all of the children are put in the right schools and colleges. This increased the number of educates and the competition for any competitive exam is very high nowadays. A survey says that among the people who apply for the NDA exam only 1% of them clear the exam. This is the threat but it is only to show the depth of preparation that you should be involved in. hard work that follows the right direction is the smart work and that is highly necessary for clearing the exam.

What is NDA?

National Defense Academy (NDA) is the exam that is conducted by the Indian Armed forces to fill the vacancies in different departments of Army, Navy and Air Force. When the candidate clears the exam he or she can become the captain, major, flying officer, etc.

Who can apply for the exam?

  • The candidate should be the citizen of India
  • Age limit is from 16.5 to 19 years
  • The candidate should be unmarried
  • It is applicable for both the genders
  • The educational qualification should be the completion of 10+2 and should have studied physics and mathematics as one of the subjects

How to prepare for the exam?

As mentioned earlier, the exam is, of course, tough but it is not impossible. Here are some tips that help you to achieve in the exam and serve for the country.

Make a challenge

Most of the achievers’ slogan is “Challenging yourself”! Only when you are able to face certain you become an achiever and it can be applied here as well. When you have extraordinary challenges it will make you an extraordinary person. Do not stop yourself within a limit and make a move with good practices in all the area that you think you are a week, master them.

Tips to crack the NDA exam

Say no to distractions

In the modern world, there are lots of factors to distract you. it may be in form of a smartphone, party invitations, TV, movies, etc. the time you prepare for the exam is very much precious for you, so just say “no” you might also have certain negative suggestion and comments before for the exam and avoid that as well. Move forward with your own plan and strategy to win and become an achiever.

 Develop your mentality

When speaking about mentality it does not only know about the mental stuff but it is also learning to handle certain unexpected and unseen problems. It cannot not only found from reading books and speaking to others it is also by gaining experiences in the practical world.

Compare with your school exams

You can compare your preparation with your school exams; when you feel that your school exams are very easy it means that you are moving in the right direction because the school exams are designed keeping in mind the average students as well. So they will seem to be easier comparatively. Still, when you feel that your school exams are harder it means that you are lagging somewhere and you need to work harder to crack the NDA exam.

Do not limit your learning

Just referring some books are not enough to become well worsen in the area and to be an expert to crack the exam. Think big and prepare from different books that are related to the topics. You can also refer some olden questions papers, play a quiz with your friends on any topics, refer internet, etc. all these helps to higher your knowledge in all the area and mold you to clear the exam successfully.

Be relaxed

Whatever is your task it is necessary to be confident towards it and be relaxed from your mind. This can boost the concentration and tempt you to learn the concepts well. This is also the factor to memories the topics and to have them for a longer time. Meditation can be a good method to be relaxed during the time o preparation and examination.

Making the decision to clear the exam is fine, but do not be too much stress on yourself; that will not work out. Have lots of positive energy to you, get motivated from good books and speech of great personalities and train yourself.

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