Tips to Crack UPSC Exam

Are you an aspirant looking for clearing UPSC exams and to got government jobs? Here is something for you that help you to clear the exam. It is the exam that needs both mental and physical strength to be well prepared and to clear the exam.

Following are certain tips to crack UPSC Exam:

Know about the entire syllabus

It is important to know about the complete UPSC syllabus that includes the main topic and other additional topics for the exam. Have a complete analysis of the main topics and other sub-topics that have to be covered in each division. Understand your strength and gain interest in the area of studies of all the division. You should also find what is your strength and weakness to move further in preparation for the exam.

Have a balance between the papers

In the mains exam you will need to answer the question in all the areas like General studies and other topics, have a balance in them. There are certain aspirants who focus completely on one area and they leave off the other one. This is not advisable if you wish to clear the exam. Make a plan that covers all the areas and cover portions to score in all the divisions respectively.

Improve writing skills

When you consider UPSC exams it is important to concentrate on writing as well since it is important to have a good quality of writing in the mains exam. For improving, you need to have to practice answering a lot of previous question papers, UPSC syllabus. So, make this a habit and spend time answering those questions on a regular basis.

Tips to Crack the UPSC Exam


Do not leave the section of current affairs

Current affairs are one of the important areas to stay focused on. it may be prelims or mains or even interview you will need the application of current to clear the round. In the main exam, paper 2, 3 and GS are based on the current affairs. Further, this will also help you in answering mains optional subjects and to clear them easily. It is simple; spend some time knowing what is happening around you in the world.

All the questions and all the topics and UPSC syllabus are important

When you find a topic in the syllabus it means that it is something important to be concentrated on. Some aspirants cover a certain topic and they will leave the remaining topics. This is not a good approach to clear the UPSC exam. You should give equal importance to all the topics and prepare all of them with equal concentration.

Learn based on the trends

You should what is the recent trend in the UPSC questions asked. The trend will not change in a short time, so have a complete analysis regarding the last 3 to 4 years question papers. This can highly helpful in the preparation of your exams; it can be any area like GS or other topics.

Work hard on an easier section

It is important to work hard to secure good marks in all the sections but when you need to boost overall sections it is very important to score marks in the section that you feel easy. Do not think that you are an expert in an area and need not prepare them. Have regular practice in that section as well and only that section will be helpful to fetch more marks in the examination.

Time management

It is very important to manage time as far as UPSC exam are concerned, you can induce them even from the time of preparation of the exam. You can have a clear time table for scheduling to prepare for various topics and this can be based on weeks or months. Simultaneously, it is also necessary to have writing practice of various subjects to manage to time in the exam.

Make sure you are working smart and referring related materials and following the right schedules. it is not an impossible task to clear the exam with a good score, all you need is practice, practice, practice. Have them with a good plan and come out as the government with a good score in the upcoming UPSC exam. All the very best for being successful in career and life!

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